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Physiotherapy BHSc

Interview Day

The Physiotherapy programme interviews are a combination of both group and individual interviews.

Applicants are asked to arrive by 9.30am. The latest anyone will have to leave will be 4.30pm.

You will be put into a small group of around eight or nine applicants with usually two interviewers; one will be an academic member of staff and the other will be a local physiotherapy clinician. They will be given a question or a topic on the day to discuss in their groups and then they will present their thoughts on the topic back.

Following a talk by the Head of Programme, there will be a slot for lunch.

The second assessment will then take the form of individual interviews. These usually last around 15 minutes.

While applicants are being interviewed, parents and partners have the chance to come to an informal talk about the programme and ask any questions that they might have.

All applications are reviewed against the entry criteria and personal statement. Due to the large number of applications that we receive, we are unable to interview everyone. Therefore, all applications that are deemed to be outstanding will be invited for interview. The remaining places will be filled with applications that are rated as very good, which will be selected randomly (using a random numbers integer).


Please take the time to look at the criteria we will asses you against for each section of your interview:

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