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Primary Education BA (Hons)

If your application to study Primary Education is accepted we will invite you for an interview. An offer to study with us will only be made after a successful interview.

The interview

You will move through 5 interview stations. Each station will:

  • Focus on a different aspect of being a student teacher
  • Have a different interviewer
  • Use a different interview approach (such as tasks or questions.)

The interview will take place in a single room.

We want your interview day to be professional, friendly, informative and fair. We hope it will be a positive experience and we look forward to meeting you.

On the day we will provide refreshments and there will be a short presentation for any friends or family members who have come with you.

Interview preparation

You do not need to prepare or bring anything for your interview.

When you are invited to interview you will be sent a 3-part presentation about the Primary Education course. We recommend watching these before you come to your interview. You will have the chance to ask questions about this presentation at your interview.

You might want to think about the following before your interview:

  • Your recent experience of working with children, especially in primary schools.
  • What you know about being a primary school teacher.
  • What you want to tell us about yourself.
  • Relevant skills, knowledge and experience you have. Do you have examples of using these skills?
  • Anything you want to ask us about the course.


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