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Medical Questionnaire

You might have been asked to complete a Medical Health Questionnaire as part of your application. These questionnaires are to establish whether you are able to participate in all aspects of your course.

If you are successful at the interview stage and receive a conditional offer from us we will send you a Medical Health Questionnaire.

The completed questionnaire is checked by the University Medical Officer. We may contact your GP for further information. A decision is then made as to whether you can participate on the degree course.

Please be aware that acceptance for support by the Disability Advice Team is not a replacement for a completed Medical Health Questionnaire. The Disability Advice Team do not assess your fitness to teach/practice.

Why do we ask Occupational Therapy applicants to complete the Medical Health Questionnaire?

Occupational Therapy is a physically and psychologically demanding degree and career. The duties of an occupational therapist could make an existing medical or psychological condition worse.

Our Occupational Therapy degree will prepare you to deal with the situations below. You will learn best practices for maximising the safety and wellbeing of your clients and yourself.

Physical Health

Here are some examples of the physical activities that occupational therapists may be required to perform:

  • Assisting clients to stand, walk, sit and lie down.
  • Assisting clients to wash, bathe and dress. Clients often need support when standing, getting in and out of the bath or shower, or on and off the toilet.
  • Measuring furniture and fittings within a client’s home (e.g. stairs, toilets, wall space, cupboards, bed, chairs).
  • Assisting clients in and out of a car. Clients may need assistance to transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat.

Please remember that our clients are aged between 0-100 and vary in size, weight and levels of independence. It is important that occupational therapists are aware of the safety issues protecting the client and themselves.

Mental Health

You may be involved with clients who are experiencing a variety of traumatic life events or who suffer from enduring mental health problems. Your client's behaviour and mood may be unpredictable.

Whilst rewarding, this can be stressful for the occupational therapist. The occupational therapist must be able to put the needs of the client first. You must be able to separate any personal difficulties from the professional needs of the situation.

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