Arts, Humanities & Performance

Arts, Humanities & Performance courses

American Studies MA

This programme is one of the few one-year taught MA American Studies programmes in the country. We offer a range of modules designed to develop your understanding of the United States through a range of historical, literary and cultural perspectives.

Applied Theatre MA*

MA Applied Theatre is an exciting taught postgraduate degree that offers the opportunity to explore key concepts and methodologies in applied theatre and performance. Applied Theatre is an umbrella term, embracing participatory performance and workshop activity that often have social, political or developmental objectives.

Community Music MA*

Our MA in Community Music is designed for those students who have a strong sense of themselves as practitioners. The programme is directly linked to our International Centre for Community Music and as such promotes a global perspective of the field.

Contemporary Literature MA

Our MA in Contemporary Literature encourages you to discover some exciting new authors, as well as exploring new approaches to contemporary writing and theory.

Creative Writing MA

Our MA in Creative Writing offers a distinctive and flexible pattern of study which will meet the needs of a wide range of students wishing to extend or develop their interests in Creative Writing.

Creative Writing MFA

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing - Take your writing to the next level. Complete a book-length work: The next exciting step for those who have already completed a taught Masters.  

Fine Art MA

Our MA Fine Art programme invites artists to reflect upon and develop their existing practice via a sustained engagement with materials and making. This intensive course recognises that tacit knowledge is the driving force of a successful and sustainable professional art practice.  

History MA*

Our MA in History will offer you an exciting and challenging curriculum. It will be led by our team of internationally recognised scholars, who combine research excellence with cutting edge teaching practice. You will be taught in small groups and in a stimulating environment. You will be joining a programme with an established record of high levels of student satisfaction. The programme will offer you a distinctive and flexible opportunity to develop expertise in the areas of history which interest you.

Illustration MA*

Our MA Illustration programme invites illustrators to develop their professional practice through a sustained engagement with the subject. You will expand your illustration practice and develop your expertise by researching a diverse range of contemporary illustration practices and by consolidating your creative practice through a practice-led examination of your visual interests. 

International History MA

Our MA in International History invites you to immerse yourself in a dynamic, varied and challenging field of academic study, with the emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries. Beyond the intrinsic interest of its subject matter, the programme presents a distinctive and flexible opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the processes shaping the contemporary world.

Music Composition MA

The MA Music Composition degree programme offers you the opportunity to investigate the interrelationships between your own practice and questions arising about knowledge in and through art, composition, and dissemination in performance. Aimed at graduates and practitioners in music composition, this MA will allow you to build a strong and increasingly confident practice through awareness and interaction with current contexts of professional practice and research.

Music Production MA

The MA Music Production degree is designed for students with existing music production practice, to sharpen your skills and to deepen your understanding of the context in which you work. You are given the opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of the discipline of music production in terms of academic critique, as well as the industry-specific context of production practice.

Photography MA*

Our MA Photography programme invites photographers to develop their practice through a sustained engagement with the medium. Our holistic approach to photography will enable your aesthetic decision making through digital and/or traditional photography, both expanding and consolidating your interests. 

Theatre & Performance MA, PgDip, PgCert

This exciting taught postgraduate degree will allow you to focus on developing your own arts practice. Your practice will be supported by experienced tutors and guest artists and you will be encouraged to create performances for festivals, city centre venues and site specific projects or for the touring studio. We will encourage you to develop strategies on how to reflect, theorise and document your practice and offer you a platform to share your thinking for public dissemination.

Virtual and Augmented Reality MA*

This new and exciting MA Virtual and Augmented Reality programme provides the opportunity to creatively express ideas using digital applications in both VR and AR technologies. The rapidly growing industry allows creative practitioners from a variety of fields, including animation, filmmaking, art, computer science and games, to become key innovators in designing new Virtual and Augmented experiences.  

Visual Communication MA*

This MA programme in visual communication is designed to help you develop your creative, imaginative and technical skills as a creative professional. By exploring a broad range of different media in the field of graphic design, branding, illustration, moving imagery, this programme allows you to have creatively express your own ideas through culminating a substantial body of work informed by critically informed research-led practice.   

3D Design & Technologies MSc*

This MSc programme in 3D Design and Technologies provides opportunities for creative practitioners to design and make through a variety of both real and virtual processes.   It allows exploration through medium such as digital craft, 3D modelling, materials and physical interactions to take place, analysing how smart technologies are changing the way we behave and interact in our surroundings.  

Cyber Security MSc*

This MSc programme in Cyber Security offers an affordable and flexible means of gaining highly desirable qualifications that can significantly enhance your employability in the emerging digital economy.

Software Engineering MSc*

This MSc programme in Software Engineering offers an affordable and flexible means of gaining highly-desirable qualifications which can significantly enhance your employability in the emerging digital economy.

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