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We have studio space and dedicated facilities for our Art and Design students where you will really be able to explore your creativity in a range of forms and mediums. You will also get the chance to take part in the University’s annual CREATE Festival, celebrating and showcasing the diverse creativity of our students.

All Art & Design courses

Animation BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: WW65   Duration: 3 years full-time | Part-time options available on request

If you’re a visual artist with a love of storytelling and communication then an Animation degree is your gateway to a diverse and exciting range of careers. With the skills you’ll gain from our Animation course you could turn your hand to games development, illustration, web design, visual effects work, advertising or film direction.

Fine Art BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: WWC2   Duration: 3 years full-time | 6 years part-time

We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity, enabling you to explore new ways of making and thinking. Our acclaimed fine art creative team will support your learning and encourage the pursuit of practice across a dynamic breadth of art forms, media and practices.

Furniture Design BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: W2S9   Duration: 3 years full-time | Part-time options available on request

This programme shares many of its design modules with Product Design, but allows you to specialise in the design and production of furniture. There are two main pathways, allowing you to specialise either in industrial furniture production or on the smaller-scale, more bespoke end of the market. Both options encourage you to explore your creativity while building your practical and theoretical skills.

Games Design BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: 620I   Duration: 3 years full-time | Part-time options available on request

Let games industry professionals teach you how to design and develop computer games from concept art through to asset creation, animation and level design, leading to fully playable games. This Games Design programme will unlock your potential through an exploration of the ways in which design, storytelling, art and coding come together to create unique and memorable games.

Graphic Design BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: W210   Duration: 3 years full-time | Part-time options available on request

Graphic Design is everywhere. From the moment we wake we encounter countless works by graphic designers. Whether it’s a logo on a box of cereal, the road signs on your way to school, or the pages of your favourite website. It guides us through our lives, improves accessibility to services and spaces, it influences our opinion of brands and people and tells us stories about the world. This is why Graphic Design is so powerful.

Illustration BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: W2W3   Duration: 3 years full-time | 6 years part-time

At York St John University we believe in the transformative power of storytelling and visual narratives. Create your unique story by becoming immersed in a world of creative writing, animation and drawing through studying Illustration.

Interior Design BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: W250   Duration: 3 years full-time | Part-time options available on request

Interior designers apply creative solutions to spatial and architectural design challenges in a huge range of contexts. From the smaller units approached in your first year to the more ambitious residential or business designs of your final project, you will discover inventive ways to approach these challenges.

Photography BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: W64W   Duration: 3 years full-time | 6 years part-time

Study Photography with us and you will explore and challenge the notion of photography as well as your boundaries as an artist. Engage with studio practice through traditional and contemporary approaches to image creation and explore your individual photographic interests through practical and conceptual experimentation.

Product Design BA (Hons)

UCAS course code: W200   Duration: 3 years full-time | Part-time options available on request

From the bespoke to the mass-produced, this Product Design Degree is all about creativity and invention. This course gives you the technical skills to turn the product innovations of your imagination into reality. You will graduate with the theoretical and practical expertise to make you employable in a broad sector of the creative industry.

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Student working on a design project
Student working on a design project
Student working on a design project
Student working on a design project
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