Joint Honours

As well as offering awards which specialise in a single subject, York St John University also offers students the opportunity to study a Joint Honours award, which allow you to study approximately equal amounts of two subjects.

Students will take some of the same modules as those taking specialist awards and other Joint Honours awards, so the depth of your study is the same as for specialist awards. Studying two subjects means you take fewer modules in each subject, so the breadth of your knowledge will not be as great in each. These awards also offer the opportunity to study one or more languages either as a beginner, or at a more advanced level if you already have some previous knowledge. In your final year you can undertake your project in either of the two subjects, or work across the subjects.

In addition to awards where you study half of each of the specialist award modules, we have designed programmes where there is more of an emphasis on one subject rather than the other - these are known as with or major/minor awards. In these, you take about a quarter of the modules in the minor subject (about 90 credits over the three years), with the remainder in the major.



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