Subject Showcase Day

We hold a number of Subject Showcase days to give you a chance to learn more about studying different subjects at York St John University.

Subject showcase days are an ideal opportunity for Year 12s researching their options and exploring what it is like to study subjects at university level. It is also a great second opportunity for Year 13 students who haven’t yet applied to university, but who are considering applying during Clearing, and mature students who are considering returning to learning.


Subject Showcase Day will take place on Wednesday 21 March 2018.


Below is a list of subjects that will be available during the day.


Law  A workshop on equality law.
Music Production The Mix and The Overdub. In this practical and hands on session, lecturers will demonstrate an analogue mixing process in the main University recording studio. The group will then explore techniques for recording electric guitar and capturing a great tone, including using valve amps, microphone choice, microphone placement, gain structures and using a large format mixing console with Pro Tools.
Criminology, Sociology and Police Studies  Crime & Deviance Where You Live. We will look at the types of crimes that are committed on your street and around about and then look at what sociology and criminology can contribute to the ways in which we explain and understand it. We will draw distinctions between crime and deviance and look at the social context relating to this.
Primary Education Not All About Colouring! So you want to be a primary school teacher? See what you will get up to in sessions while training to teach and how York St John University supports you to be an outstanding teacher.
Politics The session will explore the idea and practice of ‘freedom’, and the different ways this can be understood.
Media Production  A practical session giving a taste of some hands-on media production covering film, TV and journalism.
Languages  A taster of some languages you may not know, and an insight into ways of teaching and learning them.
Religion and Philosophy Science, God and Philosophy. It is sometimes said that because science helps to explain the world, science has removed the need to believe in God. But is this right? Could science ever remove the need to believe in God completely? This session shows how philosophy might help us to answer this question.
Fine Art In fine art, practice drawing is used to record, think and question. The session for the subject show case will consider how drawing can also trace what we feel. A range of drawing tasks will ask participants to be experimental in translating  intangible experiences via drawing.
Biomedical Science Blood on Your Hands? Determine your own blood group and look at your blood cells, see the day in the life of a Biomedical Scientist.
Geography What’s the Point of Geography? Insights into Doing a Geography Degree and Where it can Take You.
In this session three of our current third-year students will provide some insight into what it's like to do a Geography degree, the kinds of skills that can be gained from studying Geography, and the range of careers open to Geography graduates. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and you will also meet two of our Geography lecturers.
Psychology Psychology: Looking Inside the Mind. This session includes live demonstrations of classic experiments showing expected and unexpected findings from psychology.
Education Studies Unpacking the Meaning of Education for Today. A practical exploration of child-centred learning, knowledge-based schooling and teaching for social change.
Physiotherapy An opportunity to discover the diverse world of physiotherapy and the career pathways that can follow.


How to get the most out of your day

We recommend that to get the most out of your day, you attend a minimum of two subjects and a maximum of three. Why not try out a subject that you’re interested in, but don’t know much about? As well as learning more about different subjects, during the day there will also be an opportunity to have a tour of our beautiful campus, chat to current students about their experiences and even explore the city of York.


Please note that subjects available may be subject to change at short notice. We will inform you in advance of any changes to the programme.


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