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2020 Welcome Guide

Preparing your finances

Starting university means taking control of your finances. We are here to support you every step of the way, so here is some advice before you start in September.

Securing your student finance

Check your funding body's online account regularly to see if they need extra information from you. If you are from England then your funding body will be Student Finance England. There is a letters and emails section on your account area which lets you see all the letters or emails you have been sent. Check this regularly to make sure you have not missed anything.

If your circumstances change, make sure you let Student Finance England know. This includes if you are changing your course, or the university you have chosen. Just go to your online Student Finance account to make these changes. After 1 September, we will need to make any changes for you.

Our Aspire Scheme 

When you join us, you will receive £100 as part of our Aspire Scheme. You can spend it on our dedicated website to buy materials for your course or pay membership fees for Sports Clubs and Societies. To find out more about the scheme and how you can spend the money, visit our information page. 

Discover our Aspire scheme

Prepare your budget

You can access our online money tool called Blackbuillion. They have an online course called Money Ready for Uni that can help you to prepare for university and managing your finances. You can learn about budgeting, saving, future proofing, taxes and more with short videos and quizzes. There is even an online budget calculator what can help you set up a budget for the start of term. Best of all, it's free for you to use, even before you enrol. 

Register today

Student bank accounts

You can open a student bank account before you start in September. These provide you with an interest free overdraft. Banks usually offer different incentives for choosing them so take some time to make sure you pick the right one for you. You can compare different accounts on the Money Saving Expert website.

Compare student accounts 

Working part time while studying

The regular income of working part time during your studies can help you manage your money. We recommend you do not work more than 15 hours a week so you can have a good university and work life balance. Our online job portal advertises jobs in the city and at the university. You can register online before you arrive. 

Find a part time job

Find out more about our Student Funding Advice team and how they can help you while you study. 

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