Welcome week timetables

One of the first things you'll need is your Welcome Week Timetable for your first sessions so you'll know where to be.

All sessions on your Welcome Week timetable are mandatory. The sessions will introduce you to your lecturers and you will receive important information about what to expect over your first few weeks.

It's also really important that you attend the enrolment session shown on your timetable either on Monday or Tuesday. This will then inform your funding body (if necessary) that you are here and they will then start the process of sending you your funding.

We understand that room numbers may look confusing and you may not know where to go, so make sure you take a look at our campus map (PDF, 0.3MB) before arriving.

You can also check your induction timetable by downloading our welcome week app. It's completely free, gets updated with any room changes and once downloaded can be accessed offline so you'll always know where you need to be.


Get your welcome timetable


Please note - these timetables only relate to your Welcome Week induction sessions. Academic timetables for the rest of the first semester will not be available until after you have physically arrived here on campus and fully enrolled on your course. You will be shown how to access your timetable during one of your induction sessions.

Next step - Get prepared before you arrive

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