Wellbeing Zone

Looking after your wellbeing is really important in our increasingly busy world and our brand new, very own online Wellbeing Zone (register with the code YSJ1) will support and inspire you in living healthy and well.

The Wellbeing Zone is a multimedia tool designed not only to help you track your progress towards selected health and wellbeing goals but as a platform to offer you advice and help, too.  It can help you to pay more attention to your own wellbeing.  Up-to-date content on topics such as healthy eating, personal fitness, stress management, better sleep, and many more will support your motivation and you can even share your goals with your friends and family.  However, it is completely up to you if and how much information you want to share and the Wellbeing Zone is fully confidential.

Create your personal Wellbeing Zone using the organisational code YSJ1

The Wellbeing Zone uses mobile enabled technology, assuring easy access to your wellbeing plan and activity trackers wherever you are, using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

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