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Self-referral and Clinic Fees

Online self-referral

The clinic offers an online self-referral form which is accessible 24/7. After completing the online form, clients may be given a date for a telephone assessment session. It is during this telephone call that the assessor will decide whether or not the clinic can offer the service the client is seeking. 

Online self-referral form

Please note if you are a YSJ student please contact the student wellbeing team at

How much does counselling or group work cost per session?

There is a sliding scale, depending upon client's annual income, from £10 to £50 per session. The sessional fee to see a trained counsellor is usually a minimum of £30 per session depending upon income. Clients are required to pay their sessional counselling fee at least 48 hours prior to their session.

Please do not pay any fee until you have completed a self-referral form and the clinic office team have confirmed your first session.

The price bands for the clinic are as follows:

Students/Without income = £10 per session - Click here to pay

£15,000 or less = £10.00 per session - Click here to pay

£15,000+ to £25,000 = £25.00 per session - Click here to pay

£25,000+ to £35,000 = £30.00 per session - Click here to pay

£35,000+ to £45,000 = £40.00 per session - Click here to pay

£45,000+ = £50.00 per session - Click here to pay

If you have an issue with the online payment, or are unsure how to use the website, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic at: Please ensure that enquiries are made prior to the 48 hour payment deadline.

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