YSJActive: About Us

We all know that physical activity is good for our health and wellbeing. That’s why at York St John University we have YSJActive, an entire service geared towards providing an exciting range of opportunities for sport, exercise and recreation.

Our Mission

To offer high quality, inclusive and sustainable sport, exercise and wellbeing opportunities to; students, staff and the wider community. These services and opportunities will be developed and where appropriate, provided with relevant partners and by connecting with local, regional and national programmes, strategies and campaigns. In addition; we will be a valuable partner for impact research across the University, particularly the School of Sport. We will provide every opportunity to support and cater for out student's needs. 

Key Drivers

  • To respond to the wider community along with our students needs and provide relevant interventions, actions and support. 
  • To increase the profile and reputation of York St John University to current and prospective students, as well as the wider community, through the provision of quality sport, exercise and wellbeing services and opportunities. 
  • To maximise efficient use of facilities to ensure everyone, in particular our students recieve a high-quality experience. 
  • To increase sustainable participation in sport and physical activity and to develop support and nurture the talent of our students. To develop relevant partnership projects. 
  • To be an exceptional employer. 

YSJActive is run by a team of fitness professionals with various qualifications and backgrounds. 

Our YSJ Active Team

Rebecca Scott 

YSJActive Manager 

r.scott1@yorksj.ac.uk  01904 876300
Martin Bond

Development Officer - Community Support and Knowledge Exchange

m.bond@yorksj.ac.uk 01904 876123
Sarah Hawley

Development Officer - Coaching and Vocational Education

s.hawley@yorksj.ac.uk 01904 876804
Lucie Crowley YSJActive Sports Facility and Service Co-ordinator  l.crowley@yorksj.ac.uk

01904 876320

Lucy Lendhill YSJActive Sports Therapist l.lendhill@yorksj.ac.uk

01904 876320 

Samantha Ashton YSJActive Exercise and Wellbeing Assistant 


01904 876340

Jonathan Dawes  YSJActive Exercise and Wellbeing Assistant  j.dawes@yorksj.ac.uk 

01904 876200


Contact us

YSJActive Team

E: ysjactive@yorksj.ac.uk 

Foss T: 01904 876200

Haxby T: 01904 876340

Facebook: YSJActive

Twitter: @YSJActive

Instagram: ysjactive

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