First Few Days

General Things To Do

Download the First Few Days Checklist (PDF, 54KB)

  • Contact home and let your family know you have arrived safely.
  • Collect your keys and move into your accommodation.
  • Collect your International Welcome Pack. This features an international student guidebook that is full of useful information.
  • Complete your Online Enrolment if you have not already done this. 
  • Attend your in-person Enrolment session and collect your student ID card. Make sure you have your passport scanned at the Student Info Desk before attending your enrolment session.
  • Attend all sessions on your Welcome Week timetable.
  • To open a UK bank account you will need to request a Bank Letter from the Student Information Desk once you have completed enrolment. More information can be found on our Banking Information Sheet (PDF 91.5 kB).
  • Register with the Medical Centre on campus if you are studying here for more than six months or are from Switzerland or an EEA country.
  • Register with the North Yorkshire Police. You must complete Police Registration within 7 days of entry into the UK if this is a condition of your visa (check your visa for this).
  • Get insurance for your possessions if you live in private accommodation. If you live in University accommodation insurance is included.
  • Visit the Finance Office to pay the remainder of your tuition fees (if applicable - the second 50% of your fees) and your accommodation fee.
  • Visit the Students’ Union (SU) and get familiar with the SU’s clubs and societies.
  • Explore the city of York and get to know York St John’s campus.
  • Attend as many welcome events as you can, including the SU Fresher’s Fair and International Student Welcome Reception.


Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Study Abroad

Academic Welcome Week timetables 

It is essential that you print a copy of your academic welcome week timetable before you come to the UK. You must attend all of your academic sessions and meet your academic faculty staff. To access a copy of your academic welcome week timetable, go to the Online Timetable:

  • Click on 'Undergraduate Programmes' if you are doing a bachelor’s degree or 'Top-up Year' or ‘Postgraduate Programmes’ if you are doing a master’s degree.
  • Click on your programme, for example, 'Business Management'.
  • On the right-hand side of the page, click on ‘Download my Welcome Week Timetable’.
  • Remember to visit the Finance Office to pay the remainder of your tuition fees (the second 50% of your fees) and your accommodation fee.



Pre-sessional Students

Download the Pre-Sessional First Few Days Checklist (PDF, 50KB)

First Morning 

York St John International/University Staff will meet you at your University residence to walk you onto Campus as a Group. 

If you are staying in homestay accommodation your host(s) will accompany you to Campus, to help familiarise you with bus routes and journey planning and times from their home.

Please remember to bring with you on you first day your passport and two passport sized photographs of yourself for your enrolment.

Things to do

  • Collect your Pre-Sessional Course Folder
  • Attend your IT Enrolment Session as this will give you access to the University Library 
  • Collect your Student Card
  • Attend your International Orientation Presentation
  • Pick up your Student Card, Bank Letter, and get your BRP scanned at the Student Advice Desk
  • Collect your Pre-Sessional Course Folder (this will be given to you on your first day)
  • Attend all sessions during Pre-Sessional Welcome Week


General English

Download the General English First Few Days Checklist (PDF, 44KB)

First Morning

Come to our Main Reception Area in the Holgate Building for 09.00am promptly. A member of staff will meet you here. Attend your Welcome Talk with David Garfield, our International Programmes Manager and ask as many questions as you like.

If you are staying with a Homestay Host, your host will accompany you into the University to help familiarise you with the bus route to and from the home and campus. Please be sure that you bring your passport and two passport sized photographs with you on your first day for your enrolment.

Also attend your Placement Test to determine your level of English. This will help us in assigning you to your classes

Things to do

  • Check out the Dining Room at break time to meet new friends and existing students
  • Pick up your Student Card and IT account information
  • Attend your York St John Campus Tour
  • Exchange mobile telephone numbers with your Host, should you need to contact them for assistance over the first few days as you settle in.
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