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24 Hours at York St John

Stay overnight with us on Wednesday 17 July 2024 and discover more about student life at York St John.

Students on York St John campus during Summer School

Join us on our historic campus to experience university life first-hand. Our 24 Hours at York St John event is for Year 12s interested in applying for university.

As part of the event, you will stay over for 1 night in student accommodation to get a feel for life as a student. During the days, you will take part in subject taster sessions to explore your course options for university. You will also have time to explore the beautiful city of York.

This event is free. We will cover the costs of your travel and food. We recommend that you bring a small amount of spending money.

Upcoming events

The next 24 Hours at York St John will take place from Wednesday 17 to Thursday 18 July 2024.


Subject taster sessions at this year's event will include:

  • Business: Events, Tourism and Marketing
  • Children, Young People and Education
  • Drama and Theatre
  • History
  • Professional Policing
  • Sport

Use the dropdown to explore the taster sessions you can take part in for each subject.

Tutors: Emma Johnson and Dr Winojith Sanjeewa

During the summer school, you will have the opportunity to have bespoke sessions delivered to you by both the Programme lead for Marketing and Events and Tourism. Marketing incorporates a range of specialisms, including business, communications, psychology, consumer behaviour and digital marketing.

You will be working in groups to apply marketing theories to a tourist attraction in York, one of the tourist capitals of the UK. You will be taught material regarding the marketing mix, market analysis tools such as SWOT analysis and a PESTEL analysis, and will overall gain an understanding in the importance of marketing in this ever-changing world.

Tutors: Sue Shippen, Dr Charlotte Haines Lyon and Carole Pugh

If you are thinking of working within specialisms that include working with charities, in schools, in youth work, with the police, as a social worker or therapist, these sessions will be of interest to you. These sessions will be across 3 degrees that specialise in Education, Children, Young People and Society:

Session 1

The first session asks, ‘Is the UK a good place to be a child today?’. We will explore your thoughts and feelings and look at the most recent Good Childhood Report and UNICEF Report card 11 to develop our ideas. We will explore the impact that policies, organisations and events have had on children's experiences. We will consider how much children and young people's views are sought and listened to as policy is developed. Finally, we will consider what practitioners (early years educators, teachers, pastoral staff, social workers, youth workers, Special Educational Needs coordinators, Family support workers, and play workers) could and should do to address the issues we identify. Who knows what being a child is like? What is offered? What is needed? How will this happen?

Session 2

Social justice can only occur when the basics are sorted out. We will explore how important it is to have excellent toilet policy and practice in all settings for children and young people. We will explore several current debates from toilet training to safety and bullying in school toilets. There will then be an opportunity to explore data about school toilets from current research and work together to reimagine toilets for all.

Tutors: Dr Sarah O'Brien and David Richmond

How do you start to make a piece of theatre? A script? An idea? And then what? Join us as we introduce you to strategies for theatre making. These strategies will draw out your creative side and then give you the skills to pull these ideas together to make a unique experience for an audience.

You will be introduced to several different approaches to making work; and then you can choose to either bring these together, or follow one approach, to create and perform your own work, which you will have the opportunity to perform in your final session. 

Tutor: Dr Peter Whitewood

The rehabilitation of Stalinism and Russian war on Ukraine

These 2 History sessions will explore how Vladimir Putin's Russia is increasingly emulating and drawing upon the Stalinist past as it pursues the war in Ukraine. The sessions will show how the modern-day Russian government leverages a cult of war to its advantage at home and has used the history of the Second World War to justify its invasion. The session will also explore what the Russian people think about the past Stalin period and how the dictator's reputation is increasingly being rehabilitated. Ultimately, these sessions will show how important the Soviet past is in understanding Russia today.

Tutor: Matthew O'Connor

Session 1: How should we evaluate the police?

The topic of policing is a sensitive and complex topic that elicits strong opinions, ideas and emotions across society. This interactive session considers how we evaluate the work of the police forces in England and Wales discussing the official inspection data from His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services' (HMICFRS) Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) evaluations together with analysis of the demand faced by police and public understanding and expectations. The lecture covers numerous issues within modern policing that are relevant to the profession and covered at length over the Degree in Professional Policing (DPP) - this includes Evidence-based policing (EBP), public confidence, recent major events, the founding Peelian Principles, the role of the media and police morale in 2024.

Session 2: Community Policing - I prevent a riot

An area of policing in England and Wales hit hardest by austerity and spending cuts since 2010 has been community or neighbourhood policing. Now in 2024 many different stakeholders (politicians, academics, think tanks, and so on) lament the previous cuts and recommend a return to community/neighbourhood policing. It is argued to be a solution to recent challenges, an essential aspect of policing in England and Wales and an efficient, proactive and preventative solution to reduce harm in society. This lecture will look at the arguments from criminology, sociology and policing studies about how important it is to get community policing right, the historical legacy of poor police-community relations and the potential to avoid serious incidents such as riots.  Recent, historical and local case studies will be discussed across the session. 

Tutor: Dr Alistair Jordan

An insight to the world of sport and exercise science, therapy and physical education. Here at York St John, we are interested in helping athletes perform better, recover faster and train more effectively. We are also interested in how we can use sport and exercise to improve health of the general public, challenge social inequality and prejudice, and how we can ensure that everyone benefits from sport regardless of their background.

Across 2 sessions, we would like to give you a flavour of the student learning opportunities we provide here at York St John University. You will be exposed to informative, interesting, and interactive taster sessions crammed with cool tech and contemporary teaching techniques in the areas of sport and exercise science, sport and exercise therapy, and physical education and coaching.

Who can attend

To attend 24 Hours at York St John you:

  • Must be in Year 12 and aged 16 or 17
  • Must have permission from your parent or carer and authorisation from your school

We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds. There are no widening participation eligibility criteria to take part in the event.

We also welcome applications from students with additional needs and are happy to discuss specific needs before you make your application.

This event is for UK students only. If you are a prospective international student, we would love you to visit us on our International Summer Schools.

How to apply

If you are interested in attending, you can now apply for a place at 24 Hours at York St John.

Our application deadline is Friday 28 June.

Apply for 24 Hours at York St John

We will start confirming places from the week commencing Monday 3 June.

We operate a reserve list for this event, so if you are initially unsuccessful, you may be offered a place should we receive any cancellations. This may be at short notice.
If you wish to withdraw your application, please email

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