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Student life

Staying in York for university

Choose to stay in York during your studies and discover a different side to the city.

Two students pouring tea outside cafe in York

Not everyone moves away from home to go to university.

Many of our students live in the local area and commute to us, saving money while still making the most of everything campus life has to offer.

Discover the city from a new perspective

Students eating pizza, smiling and laughing, in York

While you might think you've had plenty of the student experiences in the area, you haven't yet experienced life as a York St John student.

York is somewhere that keeps on giving. It shifts and adapts as you grow up. You'll realise that the city really does have something for everyone when your new university friends introduce you to different areas and interests.

Our campus facilities are open to all of our students and you'll get to enjoy them as part of a new and international community. In our Students' Union, you can sit and study or meet friends for a drink. You can also can join a whole host of new clubs and societies. Whatever your interest, you're likely to find a group of others who also love it.

Keep your support network close by

Staying more local gives you the chance to keep your support network a bit closer.

If you've got family close by, you can attempt to convince them to provide some occasional help with your laundry mountain or cooking challenges. If you've got friends in the area, you can still see them as well as having access to a whole new family at York St John.

Share the place you love

Three students chatting in street of York with Minster in background

One of the best things about knowing a bit about York already is that you're able to show others what really makes York special.

You'll be able to share the best short cuts through the city's narrow streets and take your new friends to the hidden gems you've known about for years. If you know York before you arrive at York St John, you've got a head start in knowing your way around this glorious city and you'll get to share that with others.

Commuting to York St John

As a local or commuting student you can access support and guidance from our specialist teams.

Emma Coward-Gibbs is our Specialist Student Support Adviser for commuting students here at York St John. If you're local to the area and are considering applying, Emma can answer any questions you have. This includes:

  • Deciding if you'd prefer to live at home or move into student accommodation
  • Working out how you'd prefer to commute to the University
  • Talking to you about study supplies and storage on campus

Emma is also here to support you all the way through your studies as a local or commuting student, as are our other excellent support teams.

Read more about support for commuting students on our dedicated page.