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York St John Communities Centre

Counselling fees and payment

Read more about our session fees and how to pay.

Counselling session fees

The cost of your session will depend on your annual income. Fees range from £15 to £55 per session.

After we have confirmed your first session you will need to pay the fee in advance. Fees must be paid at least 48 hours before your session. Please be aware that failure to pay on more than one occasion could lead to counselling being terminated.

Payment is made through our online store. Please be aware when selecting your fee we may request evidence of income.

Annual income Cost per session Link to online store
£19,999 or less £15 Pay £15
£20,000 to £20,999 £18 Pay £18
£21,000 to £21,999 £20 Pay £20
£22,000 to £23,999 £25 Pay £25
£24,000 to £26,999 £30 Pay £30
£27,000 to £29,999 £35 Pay £35
£30,000 to £34,999 £40 Pay £40
£35,000 to £44,999 £50 Pay £50
£45,000 or more £55 Pay £55

If you have a problem with making your payment, or are unsure how to use the website, please contact us by emailing

Our income from fees goes directly to paying staff wages.

We have a talented team of centre staff, both paid and volunteer, who work to provide a high quality service to our clients.

Surplus income is invested in providing paid work-related and research opportunities for York St John students and alumni, and for creating projects of value for citizens and communities. 

Supporting York St John Communities Centre

Your donation makes a great difference!

Your gift helps cover the cost of providing free services such as our community language school, bereavement group and cafes, student suicide support group 'Lauren's Ladies' and various drop-ins.

As our income grows, so too does our staff team of receptionists, administrators, coordinators, assessors, supervisors, counsellors, coaches, and group facilitators. Your support is needed to ensure they are actively involved in service delivery and are remunerated for their work. Anything you are able to donate can help support the work we do and the services that we offer to our community.

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