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Policies and documents

Finance documents

Financial and expenses reports.

Financial Report 2020-21 (PDF, 10.9MB)

Financial Report 2019-20 (PDF 11.2 MB)

Financial Report 2018-19 (PDF, 3MB)

Financial Report 2017-18 (PDF, 3MB)

Financial Report 2016 to 17 (PDF 5MB)

Financial Report 2015-2016 (PDF 9.9MB)

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014-15 (PDF 3.9MB)

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2013-2014 (PDF 2.7 MB)

Annual Report and Financial Statement from 2012-13 (PDF 11.2 MB)

For the year ended 31 July 2012 (PDF 40.6 MB)

For the year ended 31 July 2011 (PDF 2.9 MB)

Financial Regulations 2022-23 (PDF, 0.4MB)

The financial regulations should be read in conjunction with the scheme of delegation. 

Governors and Senior Staff Expenses 2017-18 (PDF, 74.3KB)

Senior Staff and Governors Expenses 2018-19 (PDF, 85.1 KB)

Senior Staff and Governors Expenses 2019-20 (PDF 0.1MB)

Senior Staff and Governors Expenses 2020-21 (PDF, 0.1MB)

Senior Staff and Governors Expenses 2021-22 (PDF, 0.1MB)

Travel and Expenses Policy 2022 (PDF, 0.2MB)

Student Financial Regulations 2022-23 (PDF, 0.2MB)

Student Financial Regulations 2021-22 (PDF 0.2 MB)

Student Financial Regulations 2020-21 (PDF, 0.2 MB)

Refund and Compensation Policy 2018-19 (PDF, 0.2 MB)

Veteran Affairs Benefits Policy (PDF, 0.1MB)

Privacy Notice for Deemed Workers and Self-Employed Contractors (PDF, 0.2MB)

Guidance on Off-Payroll Working (PDF, 0.1MB)

Travel Insurance Documents for Students and Staff

Please note that the above Travel Insurance Documents can also be found in the Finance Policies section on the staff intranet.

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