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Research centres and groups

Discover the work of our researchers.

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Our community of researchers work across multiple disciplines to deliver impactful research.

Find out about the work of research centres and groups at York St John University on this page.

For guidance on setting up a research group and what is expected once your group is established, visit our Research group guidance page (staff intranet).

For information about our social justice research visit the Institute for Social Justice pages. For health and care improvement research visit the Institute for Health and Care Improvement pages.

Research centres

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Centre for Applied Innovation

The Centre for Applied Innovation fosters innovation and driving advancements through collaboration and cutting-edge research.

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Centre for Language and Social Justice Research

The Centre explores why social inequality and injustices are largely enacted through language.

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Centre for Religion in Society

A forum to look at the role of religion in the cultural, social and political life of society as well as its role in conflict resolution, peace-building and reconciliation.

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International centre for community music

A global forum through which community music research, teaching, scholarship, professional practice and pedagogy can be nurtured and developed.

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Prison Partnership Project

A partnership between York St John University, HMP New Hall and HMP Askham Grange to provide weekly creative arts programmes in prisons.

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York Centre for Writing

A hub for a number of exciting writing events, projects and publications in collaboration with Valley Press, York Literature Festival, and other community partners.

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York St John Communities Centre

The Centre is conducting research into anger management, bereavement counselling and more.

Our research groups

Advanced Healthcare Practice

Research studying topics related to Advanced Practice (AP) in Allied Health Professional and nursing clinical practice.

Art, gender, spirituality

Research to explore artistic practices that incorporate and represent spirituality and the entanglements with how we (de)construct gender.

Child development

Research into basic and applied developmental psychology using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Cognitive psychology

Research into cognitive processes underpinning language and literacy, future thinking, virtual reality, and tool innovation.

Contemporary history and politics

Research into the intersection between politics and history.

Converge Evaluation and Research Team

Research which uses lived experience of mental health challenges to inform practice in research and evaluation.

Counselling and therapy

Research into mental health practices and counsellor practice, identity, social justice and criticality themes.

Creativity and embodiment

Research to to bridge methodologies associated with physical and spiritual well-being with more traditional academic approaches.

Criminal justice

Research into the criminal justice system, bringing together researchers from across the University.


Research into the nature and character of cyber threats and formulate appropriate ways of addressing them.

Disease detection and prevention

Research to undertake targeted and applied biomedical science research, focusing on diverse ways to improve human health.

Dynamic landscapes

Research to explore the detection and interpretation of physical and chemical processes at the Earth’s surface.

Ecological justice

Research to find solutions to social justice and environmental issues.

Future Thinking

The Future Thinking research group combines expertise, knowledge, and research related to prospective cognition in a number of contexts.

Futures and Foresight

Research to explore how anticipation of the future impacts decision making processes.

Hauntology and spectrality

Research to explore hauntology, nostalgia, uncanny fiction, horror and twentieth century histories.

Health, wellbeing and participation

Research to explore the links between health, wellbeing, and participation and interventions and assessments to enhance people's health, well being and participation.

Higher education

Research to explore theory, practice and participation in higher education.

Inclusion, society and education

Research to explore inclusive education, disability and sport, autism and autism experiences and more.

Initial Teacher Education curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

Research to explore the dual experiences of student teachers as both learners and future planners and facilitators of learning.


Research to investigate interactive games in the context of their history, production and socio-cultural value.

Interdisciplinary sports performance and injury

Research into injury and performance in athletes, particularly young and female.

Interdisciplinary Witches group

Research into the different facets of the trope of 'the witch'.

Languages and linguistics

Research into linguistics and languages-related research and its researchers.

Leadership Pioneers Network Centre

Research into the various aspects of leadership, including its dynamics, impact, and effective strategies.

MetaLearn AI Innovators

Research exploring innovative ideas and experimentation, immersing itself in the forefront of MetaML (Meta Machine Learning) advancements.

Motivation, performance and wellbeing

Research into the influence of perfectionism in sport, dance and exercise.

Music, Memory and Narrative

Research into the contemporary cultural phenomenon of the music memoir.

Neurodiversity, Environment and Wellbeing (ReNEW)

A cross-disciplinary group exploring how to build more enabling psychological environments in a number of contexts.

Paragon research and innovation

A multi-disciplinary group of researchers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and related fields.

Parenthood and creativity

Research into the creative impulse and experiences of early parenthood, maternity and paternity.

Participatory enquiry

Research into participatory enquiry, action research and democratic methodologies.

People in employment settings

Research to foster and promote investigation into people and the workplace.

Perceptions of Employability

Research group to explore perceptions of employability from a range of perspectives.

Physical activity and cardiovascular health

Research to examine how physical activity can promote and maintain cardiovascular health.

Rehabilitation and health promotion

Research group to conduct high quality research in the areas of rehabilitation and health promotion.

Responsible marketing

Research group to explore an understanding of consumers, marketing purposes, branding, and social media contexts.

Screen research

Research group to provides a space for all kinds of screen-related research, including both theory and practice, to develop.

Study of satire

Research to historicise, problematise, theorise, teach and perform satire and satirical material.

Tackling welfare in sport together

Research to explore a broad range of welfare-related issues within sport.

Teacher selection, formation and development

Research into interview processes, the development of identity from student to teacher, and communities of practice in early career teaching.

Violence, harm and trauma

Research into the ways in which we explain, rationalise, and represent horrific acts.

Virtual and augmented reality

Research to propose new avenues for exploration and application in this emerging field.

Visitor economy and experience

Research to provide insights into the tourism experience, tourism education and mindful strategies.

War Studies

Research group to discuss research in the area of war studies, including organised conflict, operational research, operational military history and more.