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Students with additional requirements

We are here to make sure your accommodation needs are met.

We help students with a wide range of needs find the right accommodation for them.

If you have a disability, health concern, or other specific need we are here to help. The more information we have and the earlier we are aware of your needs, the more able we are to provide you with a room that suits you.

When you apply for accommodation it is important to fill in the additional requirements form, even if you think the type of room you have applied for will meet your needs. This allows us to make sure everything is in place for you.

You can discuss any additional requirements with us by calling 01904 876 660 or emailing 

Who we work with

We can provide help for students with a wide range of additional needs, including: 

  • Sight, hearing or mobility impairments
  • Diagnosed physical health conditions or disabilities
  • Diagnosed mental health conditions
  • Health conditions that need specific medication storage
  • Medical dietary requirements
  • Religious or wellbeing needs
  • Height over 6’3”

We do not make adjustments for personal room or site preferences, non-medical dietary restrictions, or personal financial circumstances.  

The support we provide

Available support includes: 

  • Provision of a fridge for storage of medication
  • Larger beds
  • Single sex accommodation
  • Alcohol free accommodation
  • Ensuite rooms
  • Provision of a second room for a carer (funded by social services)
  • Accessible rooms with appropriate bathroom facilities 

To apply for additional accommodation requirements please fill in the additional accommodation requirements application form.

How to apply

Complete the application form

The Accommodation Hub application form asks about additional requirements.

If applicable, please tick the box that indicates you have an additional requirement. Then complete the form and provide any supporting evidence to

Provide supporting evidence

When making an application you need to provide supporting evidence of additional needs. You also need to let us know who we can share that evidence with.

Any evidence from a medical professional should be:

  • The practitioner’s own diagnosis
  • Up to date and in the English language
  • Specific to your accommodation needs.

Additional Requirements Guidance Notes for Medical Practitioners (PDF, 102KB)

If you would like us to talk to a third party, such as a parent or carer, you will need to provide written consent. Send your consent via email to

The email should include the following:

  • Name and student number
  • Name of person(s) you are happy to share information with
  • Length of time of permission, such as the duration of the application period.

Therapy and assistance animals

Students wishing to bring with them an animal that provides physical assistance and or emotional support will need to complete a request form for consideration.

Therapy and Assistance Animals in University Accommodation (docx, 69kB)

Application review

The Accommodation team will review your application and the supporting evidence provided. We will keep you informed of the status of your application by email.

Sufficient evidence provided: Your application will be provided and an appropriate room allocated to you. If you have particularly complex needs then we will discuss this with you further. This may be alongside other university services such as the Disability Advice Team.

Further evidence required: You will need to provide additional evidence within a given timescale.

Insufficient evidence: Your request will be rejected. Your application will be processed in the normal way but will not be prioritised.

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