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Investigate critical global issues

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Student on geography trip

Consider the biggest challenges facing society today, from climate change and loss of biodiversity to migration, inequality and social justice.

Studying a geography course can lead to career paths including conservation, tourism management, surveying, international development, and local government.


Geography students responded with a 100% positivity score for how good teaching staff are at explaining things. (National Student Survey 2023)


Geography field trip

Environmental Geography BSc (Hons)

Studying the effect humans are having on the planet is more relevant and urgent now than it has ever been. Environmental Geography focuses on the natural world and our relationship with it. If you are passionate about facing major environmental...

Geography field trip

Geography BSc (Hons)

Investigate the world around you, its changing nature, and the challenges facing it. This course balances human, physical and environmental geography to give you a broad understanding of this fascinating subject. The course is accredited by the...

Geography field trip

Human Geography BA (Hons)

Human Geography is about people. Consider big questions about globalisation, social justice, inequality and cultural identity. See things from new perspectives, think about your place in the world and consider how you can make a difference to...


Geography students responded with a 90% positivity score for how well teaching staff supported their learning. (National Student Survey 2023)

Learning beyond the classroom

Develop your research skills and explore the geography of new regions with residential fieldwork in your second and third year. We also make good use of the city and countryside on our doorstep from housing development in York to geomorphology fieldwork on the North York Moors.

Community partnerships

Our partnership with Natural England allows you to carry out fieldwork at the Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve. We also have connections with City of York Council and St Nicks Nature Reserve and Environment Centre.

No exams

All of our assessments are coursework based. There are no exams. This ensures that the work you are doing reflects the kind of work geographers do in the workplace. You will hear from a range of guest speakers throughout the year to explain what it’s like to tackle the issues you are studying in live settings.

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