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York St John University

Policies and documents

This information is maintained according to our publication scheme. Our publication scheme tells you what information we publish here and how to access other information.

As a public authority, York St John University is obliged to meet the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Who we are and what we do

Policies and documents relating to the University's Board of Governors, committees and administration.

Governance documents

University structure and governance 

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial reports and regulations and university expenses.

Finance documents

Please contact the Executive Director of Finance for information about:

  • Asset registers
  • Registers of gifts and hospitality
  • Register of interests of Governors and senior staff.

You can contact the Executive Director of Finance by emailing 

What our priorities and values are

What we strive for and how we will achieve it.

Our mission, culture and values

The University Strategy 2026

Our approach to safeguarding

How we provide a safe environment for children and adults at risk.

Our approach to safeguarding

Policies, processes and regulations

Academic tutoring

Our policy and approach to academic tutoring.

Access and Participation Plan

Our commitment to widening access and participation.


Our accommodation allocation policy and process documents relating to university accommodation.


Documents relating to admissions and our student terms and conditions.

Appeals and complaints

Our policies and processes for complaints, discipline and appeals.


Our Code of Practice for assessment.

Concerns and complaints

Our student concerns and complaints policies and procedures, including bullying and harassment.

Data protection

How we gather and handle data and how to report a data breach.


Our ethical approach and how we implement it.

Equality and diversity

Policy, strategy and guidance for promoting equality and diversity.

Freedom of speech

Our code of practice for securing freedom of speech on campus for staff, students and visitors.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Our guidance on student use of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Gifts and hospitality register

How we register gifts and hospitality received or given by York St John University staff.

Health and safety

Our Health and safety and Fire safety policies.

Library and IT

Policies and processes relating to our Library and acceptable use of IT systems.

Major incident plan

Our approach to dealing with major incidents.

Personal Relationship Policy

Expectations and obligations of employees of the University with respect to personal relationships with students and colleagues.


Research policies and documents, including our approach to ethics and integrity.

Student Charter

Our charter sets out what we expects of our students, and they can expect from the university and the Students' Union.

Trade union facility time

Our published information on trade union facility time from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.


Our transparency report for our attainment data.


Our Whistleblowing policy.

University regulations

Our regulations for awarding degrees and related documents.