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Bring your ideas to life and create attractive and practical designs, products, and spaces.

Turn your passion for design into a career. Studying a design course can also open up opportunities in other industries such as visual effects (VFX), multimedia programming, workplace design, design for education, visual merchandising, and software testing.


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Games Design BA (Hons)

Explore how design, storytelling, art and coding come together to create unique and memorable games. Our industry professionals will teach you how to design and develop computer games from concept art through to asset creation, animation and level...

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Graphic Design BA (Hons)

Learn the principles of visual language and the impact of graphic design. You will take the knowledge and techniques you learn and apply them to different practical projects. We encourage creativity, so you will be able to use different mediums and...

Student using design software on laptop

Interior Design BA (Hons)

Apply creative solutions to interior and spatial contexts. We will encourage you to explore your creativity as you develop your knowledge and skills...

Product Design

Product Design BA (Hons)

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to find creative solutions to design problems. We will help you understand how your products can meet the needs of users and make a difference to the way we live...

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