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Centre for Language and Social Justice Research

A forum for language-based research to promote social justice.

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The Centre for Language and Social Justice Research (LSJ) was established in 2019.

The Centre provides a forum for scholars to explore why and how social inequality and injustices are largely enacted through language. Challenging and offering alternative language practices is a key means of achieving positive language change. Applied linguistics plays a key role in research to increase understanding and challenge inequalities and injustices in society. 

Language and social justice are at the heart of York St John University's inclusive and socially transformative ethos. We work to enhance students' experience through the teaching and learning process, with staff and visiting scholars providing curriculum content and expertise in research methodology and skills. We work for and in partnership with the communities intended to be the key beneficiaries of our activities. We contribute positively to the wellbeing of local communities in York, engaging in collaborative activities with these communities. We have a broad reach, conducting research with participants in diverse regional, national and global contexts.

About us and our work

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