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Staff Profile

Claire Simsek

Enterprise Academy Mentor

Over 27 years I have worked with a range of SMEs in different sectors and I am qualified with a Masters in Design, Strategy and Innovation Management. I thrive on supporting others to achieve their best and enjoy my time tutoring at York St John University helping MBA students develop their skills in entrepreneurship and advising them on sustainable business models.

Outside this time I coach and train entrepreneurs 1 to 1 and deliver workshops to help SMEs better understand the benefits of sustainable business practices, help them demystify Net 0, measure their impact and support a shift in mindset towards regenerative business practices. Much of the coaching and training work I do involves connecting people with sustainability solutions via my network, strategic planning, product and service development, and organisational design. The focus is on creating efficiencies, building reputation and adding value to the business to enhance access to funding and bids, attract customers, secure market share and build resilience.

  • School – London
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