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Staff Profile

Dr Ernestine Gheyoh Ndzi

Associate Dean for Law and Policing

I gained my LL.B. in Law at the University of Buea (Cameroon) and my LLM, MSc and Ph.D. in Corporate Governance at the University of Portsmouth in 2014. Before joining York St John University, I worked with the University of Hertfordshire from 2014- August 2019.


  • Company Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Contract Law
  • English Legal Systems


My research area is company law and employment law. I have written a number of peer-reviewed journals on the challenges of regulating director's remuneration and the impact of excessive director's remuneration on the company and its workers. I was awarded early career research grants twice by the University of Hertfordshire to work on zero hours contract and the shared parental leave research. My research interest covers company law, corporate governance, zero hours contract and shared parental leave.

Professional activities

  • External Examiner for University of Worcester
  • Fellow of the Higher Education
  • Member of the society of Legal Scholars
  • Member of Society for Research into Higher Education

Publications and Conferences


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Ndzi E. ‘Are employers to blame for low SPL uptake?’ (2018) The Conversation, November 19th.

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Works in progress

Paper Title – The impact of employer support on the uptake of shared parental leave

Paper Title - The effect of shared parental leave on breastfeeding.

Conference and workshop talks

AICLEP 2017, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 18th – 20st September 2017
Chair and keynote speaker: Shared Parental Leave: A Loophole in the Legislation
CAREED 2017, University of West Scotland, Paisley, 6th – 7th April 2017
Paper presented: Developing intellectual property regimes in the Gulf
Southern Law PhD Conference, 1st May 2015
Chair of session: Damages and Industry and commerce
AICLEP 2014, University of Oxford, Oxford, 1st – 3rd September 2014
Conference presentation: “The Role of the Law in the Determination of Executive Remuneration”