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Staff Profile

Dr Martin Hall

Senior Lecturer in Media and Film Studies

Martin Hall

I am a senior lecturer and the Course Leader for Film and Media studies at York St John University. My research focuses primarily on the areas of European and British art cinemas, comedy and the American independent cinema.

Since completing my PhD in the field of 1960s British and European Art cinema I have lectured at the University of Hull, Lincoln University, and the University of Salford and have published on the works of François Truffaut, Ray Bradbury, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. My most recent piece of work has explored nostalgia at wartime in the television show M*A*S*H and my recent research has been centred on the work of Woody Allen with a forthcoming edited volume on Women in the Work of Woody Allen, a book chapter on the significance of Elaine May’s work with Allen, a paper for Comedy Studies Journal concerning Allen’s use of magic realism in his films, titled, ‘Is there any magic in the moonlight? Woody Allen and the absurdity of perfection’, and a book chapter which constitutes an exploration of the referentiality and intermediality of Woody Allen’s Deconstructing Harry (1997) for an edited volume titled, Referentiality in the films of Woody Allen.

I am currently undertaking research in the field of adventure sport in films, looking particularly at Mountaineering and the Documentary cinema. I am currently working on a monograph on The Rock Climbing Documentary Film and an edited volume on Mountains and Memoir: Mountaineering, Memory and Popular Culture.


I teach the following courses:

  • Film Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Media and Communication



Hall, M ed (2021) Women in the Work of Woody Allen. London: Amsterdam University Press

Book chapters

Hall, M (2021) ‘She’s a genius, and I don’t use that word casually”: Elaine May’s collaborative relationship with Woody Allen’ in Women in the Work of Woody Allen (Hall ed) Amsterdam University Press

Hall, M (2015) ‘“Thank God the French Exist” The referentiality in the formal elements of film in Deconstructing Harry’ in Referentiality and the films of Woody Allen, Szlezak, Klara ed. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Hall, M, (2013) ‘The Silver Locusts on the Silver Screen: How Ray Bradbury’s Mars confronts the British-Art Cinema of the 1960s’ in Gloria McMillan ed. Orbiting Ray Bradbury’s Mars: biographical, anthropological, literary, scientific and other perspectives. London: McFarland and Co.

Book reviews

Film Studies Journal – October ’19. Elena Gorfinkel’s monograph Lewd Looks: the 1960s (2017)

Transnational Cinemas Journal - August ’18. Austin Fisher’s edited volume Spaghetti Westerns at the Crossroads: Studies in Relocation, Transition and Appropriation (2016)

Transnational Cinemas Journal - August ’18. Ewa Mazierska’s From Self-Fulfilment to Survival of the Fittest: work in European cinema from the 1960s to the present(2016)

Journal articles

Hall, M (2020) Khaki-tinted glasses: Nostalgia and memory at wartime in TV’s M*A*S*H’ in The Journal of Popular Television – March 2020

Hall, M (2017) ‘Roman Polanski’s Treatment of Mutable Identity in his film The Tenant (1976)’ in Cogent Journal of Social Science - March 2017.

Hall, M (2014) ‘Is there any magic in the moonlight? Woody Allen and the absurdity of perfection’ Comedy Studies Journal - December 2014.

Hall, M (2014) ‘Is there any Magic in the Moonlight? Woody Allen and the absurdity of perfection’ Comedy Studies, 5, 2, pp. 104-112.

Conference papers

York St John University – July 2019. ‘Extreme Bodies and Bodies in Extremes: What is the Climbing Film’

University of York - September 2017. ‘Eve (1962): Joseph Losey’s Biggest Mistake’

York St John University – June 2017. ‘Who is the Jewish Monster? The Golem and Jewish Diaspora in the gothic tradition and Woody Allen’s Shadows and Fog (1991)’

Sheffield University – May 2017. ‘Children, Childhood and Autobiography in the Work of Woody Allen’

York St John University – May 2017. ‘The significance of psychedelic music in Peter Sykes’ 1968 dystopia, The Committee

Hull University – March 2016. ‘Material Culture and Collective Memory: The significance of nostalgia and remembered culture at wartime in Larry Gelbart’s M*A*S*H’

University of Huddersfield - November 2013. ‘How Woody Allen’s magical realist rejection of the harsh realities of life has coloured his filmmaking’

Portsmouth University - October 2010. ‘Cross-Dressing in Crises: Identity Anxieties in the Films of Roman Polanski’