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Dr Uma Padmini Ema


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I am a Lecturer and Module Director (Business Development and Value Creation) at York St John University, as well as a visiting lecturer at the University of Greenwich.

I am driven to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the ever-evolving business landscape. I teach modules like Marketing and Data Analytics, Business Development and Value Creation in the MBA program.

My academic journey has been enriched by an extensive educational background, including a Doctoral degree in research in Strategy and Policy from the esteemed University of West Scotland, an MBA in Business Analysis from London South Bank University, and an MSc in Finance from Queen Mary University of London.


With a culmination of 15 years of experience in managerial roles, research endeavours, and teaching engagements, I have acquired a versatile understanding of the dynamic business field. While my primary focus lies in the realm of business strategy, I have had the privilege of teaching an array of subjects across different academic levels over a period of time. These subjects encompass Level 3 courses such as Inquiry-Based Learning and Preparing for Success: Knowledge and Creativity, Level 4 courses including Principle of Marketing and Organizational Behavior, Level 5 course Consultancy in Practice, and Level 6 courses in Dissertation, Managing & Developing Innovation & Creativity.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond the confines of the classroom. I have actively engaged with numerous esteemed institutions, such as the London School of Science and Technology and Buckinghamshire New University, and the University of Bolton curriculum, where I imparted my knowledge and expertise. Additionally, my involvement with the retail industry has allowed me to actively contribute to the implementation of best practices.


My research background focuses primarily on the areas of strategy and policy development for Cottage, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CMSME) as well as the Creative and Cultural Industry (CCI). My research endeavours have also encompassed diverse topics such as business analysis, financial crisis, and developmental economics, reflecting my wide-ranging interests within the field as well as pedagogical research on teaching, learning, and education.

My research approach is characterized by a balanced emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. This allows me to explore complex phenomena from various angles, leveraging statistical analysis alongside in-depth qualitative insights to develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. I have had the privilege of contributing to a number of significant research publications and conferences. Notably, I was awarded first place at the UWS London 3MT Conference, showcasing my ability to effectively communicate research findings in a concise and engaging manner. Furthermore, my work has been presented at renowned conferences such as the ISER conference, and I have also published in reputable journals like the IJMAS Journal, among others.

Publications and conferences

2023 (Upcoming) - Pedological research on practical approaches to business development and value creation, YSJL

2023 (Upcoming) - Multidisciplinary research on artificial intelligence to be practiced in identifying authentic social media marketing, YSJL

2022 - A pedagogical approach to non-traditional teaching and learning in Higher Education, Symposium publication, London School of Science and Technology

2021 - Strategy and Policy Development for Conch Shell Industry in Bangladesh, Research paper publication, University of West of Scotland

2021 - Industrial Analysis of Conch Shell Industry in Bangladesh    Project involvement, University of West of Scotland

2020 - Economics of Conch Shell Industry in Bangladesh, Project involvement, University of West of Scotland

Mar 1, 2020 - Maximum Utilization of Waste Leather in fortuna Bangladesh, Thesis Paper, ResearchGate

Mar 1, 2020 - Asian financial crisis and Efficient Market Hypothesis: Actions and reactions on 20th century, Thesis Paper, ResearchGate

Oct 2019 - Strategical Approach of Business Analysis Professional into Conch Shell Industry Professional, Journal Publication     International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS)-IJMAS Volume-5, Issue-10

Jul 8, 2019 - Strategical Approach of Business Analysis Professional into Conch Shell Industry Professional, International Conference Proceeding, International Conference on Advances in Business Management and Information Technology (ICABMIT)

Jul 7, 2019    Strategical Approach of Business Analysis Professional into Conch Shell Industry Professional    International Conference Proceeding    International Society of Engineers and Researchers (ISER)

26th-27th June 2019 - Conch Shell Industry in Bangladesh    Conference Proceeding, Learning, Teaching and Research Conference at the University of West of Scotland

13th June 2019 - (1st Winner) - Conch Shell Industry in Bangladesh  3MT (3 Minute Thesis) Presentation, 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) Competition at the University of West of Scotland (London)

Professional activities

My professional activities include teaching, curriculum development, research, Quality Lead of MBA, mentoring, academic tutoring, Academic Misconduct Panel member at multiple levels, professional development, administrative duties, and community engagement. I am committed to delivering engaging lectures, designing comprehensive module contents, and assessing student assignments to foster critical thinking and academic growth.

Additionally, I conduct research projects, collaborate with fellow academics, and disseminate findings through publications and presentations. Guiding and supporting students through personalized mentoring is an integral part of my role, while continuous professional development ensures I stay up-to-date with the latest research and teaching methodologies. Undertaking administrative responsibilities and actively engaging with the community further contribute to creating a stimulating educational environment. Overall, my aim is to prepare students for their future careers and make meaningful contributions to the academic community.