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Staff Profile

Zoe Garshong

Enterprise Academy Mentor

Zoe Garshong, Enterprise Academy Mentor

I am the founder of the award-winning social enterprise called Ms Independent Careers. They run career confidence programmes for young women in schools, colleges, and universities across the country. My company has impacted over 6,000 young women in over 60 educational institutions and collaborated with companies such as Domestic and General, Metro Bank, Barclays and many more. Recognising the unique obstacles faced by young women in their professional journeys, I created Ms Independent Careers to provide them with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to excel.
Moreover, my expertise extends beyond empowering young women. As an economics graduate, I have a passion for helping others conquer the challenges that come with business and entrepreneurship. I am also deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurs and helping them navigate the complexities of the business world. My vast knowledge and understanding of economics provide a solid foundation for assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

  • School – London
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