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Funding opportunities

Loans for US students

You can apply for a loan to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

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Students can apply for funding from the US government. We participate in the William D Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Types of federal loan

There are three types of federal loan:

Subsidized loans:
For undergraduate students. Based on financial need.

Unsubsidized loans:
For undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Not based on financial need.

PLUS loans:
For graduate or professional students and parents of dependent undergraduate students. Not based on financial need but a credit check is needed. 

The amount you can borrow depends on your year of study and whether you are a dependent or independent student. Your dependency status will determine whose information you report when you apply. The Federal Student Aid website has more information about the criteria for dependent and independent students.

You can also visit the Federal Student Aid website for the latest information on how much you can borrow and current interest rates

Eligibility for federal loans

To be eligible to apply for a federal loan you must:

  • Meet the Student Aid criteria set by the US Department of Education.
  • Enrol on at least a half time basis for the duration of your course
  • Study an eligible, degree-bearing course
  • Be physically present at York St John University for your studies
  • Make satisfactory academic progress during your course

We are not able to offer federal loans for the following:

  • Courses that are less than half time
  • Courses that are not degree-bearing
  • Online or distance learning
  • Courses with a period of study outside the UK
  • Courses taught by a partner institution
  • Postgraduate certificate and diploma courses

You can email to check if your course is eligible for a federal loan.

Other funding options

Private loans

If you are not able to take out a federal loan you may be able to take out a private loan. We will work whichever lender you choose. However, as far as we are aware, Sallie Mae is the only lender that will provide loans to students at a foreign school.

If Sallie Mae approves a loan for you, we will be asked to certify your requested loan amount. To do this we will need you to complete a Cost of Attendance spreadsheet. Email to request a copy.

Federal PELL grants

We do not process PELL grants as these are only available for study within the US. 

Veteran Affairs Benefits

There is a significant waiting time of approximately 2 months for new programmes to be approved with the V.A, therefore as soon as you receive your offer please contact to get the process started, please note that we cannot guarantee that a program request will be approved. Therefore, if it is your intention to fund your tuition fees/living costs from your Veteran Affairs Benefits we would strongly recommend that you have alternative funding in place e.g. US Federal Loans or personal funding.

We participate in the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational Benefits programme. This provides funding for US military veterans and their dependents. Please note we are not eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

You can check your eligibility on the US Department of Veterans Affairs website and apply for benefits.

The following list of programmes have been approved:

  • Computer Science, BSc (Hons)
  • Creative Writing, MA
  • Economics and Finance, BSc (Hons)
  • English Literature, BA (Hons)
  • Games Development, BSc (Hons)
  • International Business, BA (Hons)
  • Professional Policing, BA (Hons)
  • Sports and Exercise Science, BSc (Hons)
  • Creative Writing, BA (Hons)

You will need to send us a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility letter and your full social security number before we can enrol you on your course.

Veteran Affairs Benefits Policy (PDF, 0.1MB)

York St John University aims to provide correct and current information on its website, but cannot guarantee its accuracy and accepts no liability for omissions, errors or changes. If you wish to check or confirm a particular item regarding US student funding, please contact the university via