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24 Hours at York St John

Information for participants and parents

Information about kit lists, accommodation, transport, your event leaders and more.

Summer school students walking across campus towards entrance

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 24 Hours at York St John residential.

To help you prepare for your time with us, we've gathered together some practical information about your visit. For details about subject sessions visit our 24 Hours at York St John programme.

On this page you'll find details about:

  • What to expect
  • What to bring
  • Where you'll be staying
  • Transport
  • Safeguarding
  • Accessibility
  • Photography and video
  • Covid-19 and other illnesses
  • Our Student Code of Conduct
  • Your event leaders

What to expect

What to bring

Kit list

Please pack the following items for your stay at York St John University:

  • Appropriate casual clothing for academic lectures and daytime activities
  • Appropriate smart or casual clothing for evening meal. Please note, you do not have to get changed for this activity if you do not want to.
  • Appropriate footwear for walking around campus, to and from the accommodation and York City centre. Please note, York is a very flat city but it has lots of uneven, cobbled streets so high heeled shoes are not recommended.
  • Waterproof jacket or coat
  • Toiletries
  • Any required prescription medication, clearly labelled with your name and instructions
  • Any required over the counter medicine such as paracetamol or antihistamine tablets in labelled boxes
  • Sleep or loungewear

These items are optional but recommended:

  • A reusable drinks bottle or hot drinks cup
  • Small amount of spending money for additional refreshments or free time in York. Please bring a bank card as the catering outlets on campus are card (or phone) pay only
  • A notepad and pen
  • An umbrella, sun hat and sunglasses. We will be walking to and from the accommodation sites whatever the weather!
  • Sun lotion and after sun

Please note, if you are bringing any electrical items, such as phone chargers and hair styling apparatus, it must be in good working condition with no damage to the cables or plugs.

Please do not bring any of the following items:

  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Cigarettes or vapes
  • Large quantities of money
  • High value items such as jewellery, iPads and laptops
  • Very large or heavy suitcases. You will need to carry your own bag to and from the accommodation site so we recommend one on wheels or a backpack.
  • Your own food, unless discussed with Katherine or Ollie for medical reasons. We will provide all meals for all dietary requirements during the duration of your stay.

Where you'll be staying

You will be staying at The Grange Baldwin House accommodation site.

During 24 Hours at York St John, you will spend a night in one of our University owned halls of residence. This site is located a short walk from campus, through a residential area that is also a popular place for our second and third year students to live in private accommodation.

We will be walking to and from the accommodation site, unless due to medical needs you need to travel in a taxi. The distance is 0.7 miles.

You will have your own room, in a flat of 5. There may be a Student Ambassador or member of staff staying in the flat, along with up to 4 other participants of the same biological sex. The accommodation site in use has shared bathroom facilities. It is not possible for any participants to stay in alternative provision with en-suite facilities, due to the availability and staffing of this event.

The site is patrolled by University security teams and is covered by external CCTV.


You will travel to the event by rail, coach, or taxi if you live local to York.

Please note that all transport is free and paid for by the University.

If you prefer, you can also make your own way to and from the residential by car, if a parent or carer would like to bring you. If you would like to do this, please contact Ollie or Katherine to arrange this by emailing

If you are travelling by train, we will already have contacted you to ask which is the most convenient station for you. Booking confirmations for tickets and instructions for collecting them from ticket machines are being sent to you this week.

We politely ask that you do your utmost to make sure you can make the train you have been booked and arrive at the departure station in good time.

You will be met at the station by a Student Ambassador. They will walk you to the campus, along with other arriving students. Ambassadors will wait near the main entrance to the train station. They will be dressed in blue uniforms.

If a train is delayed

If a train is delayed, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing either Ollie at or Katherine at You can also call the office phone on 01904 876 956.

If possible, please let us know when you are likely to arrive.

If a train is cancelled

If a train is cancelled, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing either Ollie at or Katherine at You can also call the office phone on 01904 876 956.

Try and speak to a member of staff at your departure station to find out if you can use your ticket on other services. If this is not possible, we ask that you wait for the next train that can get you to York using the original ticket.

If you prefer to rebook your own ticket to travel to York, please do so and keep a receipt so we can reimburse you for this cost. Please keep in touch with the event leaders and let us know your new expected arrival time.

If you are travelling by coach, we will have contacted you to advise of this and also included your pick-up point. Please ensure you arrive at your pickup location in good time, as we will only be able to wait so long before the driver needs to leave. If you are running late or have any other issues on the morning, please contact Katherine at or Ollie at You can also call the office phone on 01904 876 956.

Details of bus pick-up points and times can be found below:

Bus 1: West Yorkshire (Pontefract and Leeds):

  • New College Pontefract - pick-up from Park Lane (the road the college is situated on) at approx. 8.00am on Wednesday 12 July and expected back at 4.15pm (approx.) on Thursday 13 July.
  • Roundhay Sixth Form Leeds - pick-up from Old Park road (road the school/college is situated on) at approx. 9.10am on Wednesday 12 July and expected back at 3.15pm (approx.) on Thursday 13 July.

The student Ambassadors on this bus will be Becca and Suzan.

Bus 2: South Yorkshire (Doncaster and Barnsley):

  • New College Doncaster - pick-up from Hurst Lane (the road the college is situated on) at approx. 8.15am on Wednesday 12 July and expected back at 4.30pm (approx.) on Thursday 13 July.
  • Barnsley Sixth Form - pick-up from Old Mill Lane Campus - Car park at approx. 9.10am on Wednesday 12 July and expected back at 3.30pm (approx.) on Thursday 13 July.

The student ambassadors on this bus will be Rose and Sophie.

Bus 3: Hull

  • Wyke College, Hull - pick-up from Bricknell Avenue (road the college is situated on) at approx. 8.20am on Wednesday 12 July and expected back at 3.45pm (approx.) on Thursday 13 July.

The Student Ambassadors on this bus will be Alyx and Ruth.


Coach travel has been planned based on either the school or college you attend, or your home address. Some of you may live in a different town to your school or college, and have therefore been included in a different bus pick-up to other participants from the same college.

If you wish to travel on a different bus, you must let the event organisers know in advance. Students not expected on the residential will not be allowed to board the coach.

Student Ambassadors will be on the coach to escort you.

If you live in York or close to York St John we will contact you soon to ask you to confirm whether you are happy to make your own way to campus or if you would like us to book you a taxi.

Safeguarding information

All members of the Student Recruitment team, including Student Ambassadors have an enhanced DBS certificate and have undertaken Safeguarding training.

Katherine and Ollie (event leads) are also first aid trained and mental health first aid trained.

The designated safeguarding lead for our team is Mr Matthew Taylor, Director of Marketing, Student Recruitment and Admissions:

If you have any concerns about safeguarding at this event, please feel free to contact Katherine, Ollie or Matthew.

A full risk assessment has been carried out for this event and approved by the University's Health and Safety Officer, as per our safeguarding and compliance responsibilities.

Please do not try to follow event staff or student ambassadors on social media, as we won't be able to accept! If you have any questions or want to stay in touch after the event to keep us informed of your Higher Education journey, please email


We've taken steps to ensure the event is accessible for all. However, due to the nature of the Victorian buildings on campus, there may be some areas that participants with mobility needs may not be able to access.

If you have indicated additional needs on your application form we will contact you by phone or email to discuss how best we can accommodate these needs during your stay.


During the trip, there will be some walking involved to and from our accommodation site (The Grange, 0.7 mile walk) and into the city centre. Where necessary, taxis can be arranged if you are unable to walk these distances. Please discuss this with Ollie or Katherine when you arrive.

Noise and quiet spaces

If you have sensory needs, you are invited to bring ear defenders and use them as necessary. Quiet spaces will be available and you can access these spaces when needed, accompanied by Student Ambassadors or staff.

On the evening of Wednesday 12 July, we will be eating out at a restaurant in York City Centre. The restaurant is open plan and may be quite loud. All participants are expected to attend this element of the activity, unless exceptional circumstances arise. After this, we will head back to the Students' Union where there will be some music and karaoke. There will be separate areas downstairs and outside if you wish to have a more relaxing evening.

Sacred spaces

During your campus tour, student ambassadors will show you where the faith/reflection and prayer spaces are. If this does not happen, please mention it to Ollie or Katherine. For more information on the different sacred spaces we have on campus, please visit our Sacred Spaces page.

Photography and videography

We will be taking photographs and short films during this event.

If you have not provided consent for this, it is your responsibility to let the photographer or videographer know not to feature you.

If you have provided consent, you may be asked if you are happy to produce some content for social media as part of our evaluation and future promotion of the event. This is entirely optional and you can withdraw your consent at any point.

Please speak to Ollie or Katherine if you have any concerns.

Covid-19 and other transmissible illness

There is no requirement for you to take a Covid-19 test before you attend this event. However, we encourage those who may live in a household or have had close contact with a positive case to take a test before travelling to York St John University.

There is no requirement for you to wear masks in indoor spaces at York St John University, but if doing so makes you feel more comfortable, we support your decision.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend.

If you develop symptoms while you are at the event, we have tests available, and you may be asked to isolate in your accommodation until travel or collection can be arranged.

If you have symptoms of any other transmissible illness such as a chest infection or a rash, please do not travel to York St John.

If you are unable to attend due to illness, please let us know as soon as possible.

24 Hours Code of Conduct and Use of IT Facilities

For health and safety reasons, the following rules will be in place for the safety of all involved:

Event leaders

Katherine Parsons


I am really looking forward to meeting all the participants and hope you will enjoy it as much as I will. Outside of work, I am partial to a good brunch outing and love going to the theatre, musicals are my guilty pleasure! As Student Recruitment Manager, I am responsible for participant safety, wellbeing and overall enjoyment at this event! If there is anything you wish to discuss ahead of Wednesday 12 July, please get in touch with me on

Ollie Johnson, Education Outreach Coordinator


Hi guys! I am Ollie. You have already met me via the video we sent, accepting you onto 24 Hours at York St John. But as a quick reminder I am one of the project leads for the residential and work for the University as part of the Student Recruitment team. That means that my job is to promote York St John to young people like yourselves and hopefully make you realise what a special institution York St John is. If you have any queries or worries about your visit to us here at York St John then please just get in touch:

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