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Wellbeing support

Self-help wellbeing resources

Discover our range of self-help resources.

A student sits at a desk with a notepad, looking at a video call on her laptop

Whether you are in between appointments, waiting for an appointment with our wellbeing team, or perhaps wanting to explore some resources yourself before you self-refer to us, our range of self-help resources are here for you.

A to Z of resources

We have compiled a list of self-help resources, grouped together by some of the more common issues that students may encounter or find tricky.

These include links to information and external specialist organisations, and information about ways in which our University services can support you.

Explore everything from how to make a report of harassment to how to attend the term-time mindfulness sessions delivered by the University’s chaplaincy team.

Our A to Z of resources

Training and courses

Improve your understanding of certain challenges you or your friends may face with our free training videos.

You can take training in bystander intervention, consent, drug and alcohol awareness, and hate crime awareness.

Training and courses

Support for social anxiety

Advice and tips on social anxiety from one of our Mental Health Practitioners, Jason Shepherd.