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Welfare support

Report and Support

Our service enables you to make reports of bullying, harassment, racism, sexual misconduct, or hate crime, either anonymously or with contact details.

We believe that sexual violence, partner violence, and hate crime, including harassment such as racism and sexual harassment, are never okay.

Our Report and Support platform allows all students, staff, and visitors to our campus to report something either anonymously or with contact details so you will get a response. Reports can be about an individual or a group of people.

Make a report

You can choose to make a report anonymously or by providing contact details.

If you choose to submit a report anonymously we will not ask you for any personal identifiable details but we are not able to offer any direct advice about your report.

If you choose to submit contact details, our team will only use your details to put you in contact with a University Welfare Adviser. This does not initiate a formal complaints process. The report will remain confidential and we will not disclose any personal or identifiable information to others unless there is a genuine threat to a person's health and safety.

Access Report and Support

What happens when your report is submitted

Your report will be reviewed and assessed to determine how your concern will be addressed and any provisional action the University may need to take to keep you safe.

If you leave your details, you will be contacted to discuss options and any support you may need. We may ask you for further information or evidence at this stage to ensure we fully understand your concerns.

We understand that you may not feel comfortable raising a concern, maybe because you feel it will make things worse, or you may not be believed. Any disclosures made will be taken seriously and treated sensitively, and the University will work with you to decide if you wish to take further steps.