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Disability support and inclusion

Support for apprenticeship students

As an apprentice, you are eligible for a range of disability support.

Learner Adjustment Plan

We can support you throughout your time at university by providing support and reasonable adjustments such as:

  • Deadline extensions
  • Examination adjustments
  • Teaching adjustments such as getting information in advance or audio recording your lecture

You can access this support by following our process for getting a LAP.

Additional Learning Needs assessment

Our team’s Specialist Practitioner will meet with you to carry out this assessment to identify any support which is not already available to you via your Learner Adjustment Plan, the University’s internal specialist support services, or the inclusive learning and teaching practices. 

We will create an Additional Learning Needs report alongside a reasonable adjustment agreement. This could include:

  • Additional equipment
  • Software
  • One to One support

We will apply to the Education and Skills Funding Agency to claim for this additional support.

Adjustments in the workplace

As degree apprenticeship students are also in employment, we recommend that you apply for the Access to Work fund, to identify adjustments you require in the workplace and equipment and software that can support you in your professional role. 


For more information on our disability support, visit our Disability support page or email us at