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Study Abroad

Funding and costs

Learn more about grants and funding options for studying abroad. Find out how to research your costs.

It is important that you plan how you will fund your Study Abroad experience.

You will need to plan how you will meet the costs. Think carefully about:

  • Travel to and from your host, including flight costs
  • Accommodation
  • Visa costs
  • Living costs
  • Course books.

Use the tabs below to find out about the funding available to you and the costs you need to think about.



All students who study abroad will receive a minimum grant* of £750 from Erasmus+, the Turing Scheme (to be confirmed) or York St John University.

*subject to satisfying grant conditions

Turing Scheme grant

Turing Scheme grants are given to all students who take part in a study abroad exchange. The size of the grant depends on the country you travel to and the length of the programme.

For placements lasting over 8 weeks during the 2021/22 academic year:

  • To Group 1 destinations: £380 per month
  • To Group 2 and 3 destinations: £335 per month

More information can be found on the Turing Scheme website.

Widening Participation students are eligible for an additional top-up grant of £110 every month. More information can be found on the Turing Scheme website.

For participants with SEND, the scheme will fund up to 100% of actual costs for support directly related to their additional needs. Students who receive Turing funding are still eligible for their Student Finance England funding (maintenance loan, tuition loan, and any grants given).

Erasmus+ grant

Erasmus+ grants are EU funded monthly grants. They are given to all students going to destinations in Europe. The size of the grant depends on the country you travel to:

  • €420 per month for Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg
  • €370 per month for Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary

UK Students from households with an annual income of less than £25,000 are eligible for an additional top-up grant of €120 per month. For more information please visit the Erasmus+ website.

Extra financial support may also be available if you have a physical, mental or health related condition that would make your participation in Erasmus+ impossible, without the extra support. Please email us to find out more information.

Student loans

You will continue to receive your maintenance loan as usual.

Student finance travel grant

You may also be eligible for a travel grant from Student Finance England, depending on household income, to help fund flights, essential expenses, and visas.

You will have to pay for your travel costs up front. You may be able to claim refunds for amounts over £303, depending on your household income. 

Please visit the travel grant web page, or contact student finance.

BUTEX Scholarship

BUTEX: Each year BUTEX (British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association) award a number of £500 scholarships to students studying outside Europe for a semester or a year.

For more information and to apply, please visit The BUTEX website.

Care leavers grant

William A Gauld Scholarship: Care leavers and estranged students can apply for the William A Gauld Scholarship to help fund their study abroad. Successful applicants will receive £500 for 1 semester, or £1000 for the full year.

Please contact Anna Deacon for more info:


Tuition fees

All Home students who study abroad for a year will receive an 85% discount on 2022/2023 tuition fees.

Tuition fees are not payable to host institutions.


Please make sure you have an up to date passport that expires no earlier than 6 months after you intend to return.

Most destinations require you to have a visa. The cost and process of applying for a visa is your responsibility and varies depending on your destination.

You will be provided with guidance from your host university once you are accepted onto the programme.


Accommodation Abroad

You will need to budget for accommodation costs when you are abroad. Accommodation options and costs abroad vary. Most institutions offer university accommodation or guidance on sourcing private accommodation.

Your host university will provide you with accommodation options once you are accepted onto the programme. Find out more information on our destinations pages.

One Semester Exchange

If you are considering a semester abroad, we advise against signing a year’s contract for private rented accommodation in York, to avoid double-paying rent.

Instead, we guarantee you a room in York St John University accommodation for the semester that you are not abroad. This is usually in a University Managed House. 


Plan your budget

Make sure you are fully committed and have considered the costs of studying abroad.

You can use our worksheet to plan your budget: Sample Budget Worksheet for Study Abroad (docx, 13.7 kB)

Can I afford to study abroad?

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