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Strategy 2026 Refresh

Transformation projects

Our priority projects will be embedded over the remaining 5 years of the strategy.

Our transformative projects will expand opportunities for our University community.

We know that:

  • Student expectations will change.
  • The way society engages with expertise will evolve.
  • We must demonstrate the agility to adapt and the expertise to engage with these issues.
  • We must play a more prominent and strategic part in shaping the Higher Education sector’s response, leading the agenda on the issues that matter the most to us and contributing with confidence to sector-wide debate.
  • As we do, we will be clear about our purpose. Three core priorities ground us as a proud and ambitious university and reflect our collective commitment to why we are here. They are integral to our focus and our contribution to individuals and society.

For each priority, our experts and our students will create a collaborative community, learning from each other to stay relevant and responsive to the changing external context: ready for what comes next.

Our projects

Health and Social Care opportunities

We will build on our STEM and Foss Park hospital partnerships to offer nursing and a wider range of allied health professional courses focused on ‘the compassionate community practitioner’.

Our London Campus

We will expand our international and apprenticeship provision. This will be underpinned by research and entrepreneurial activity and will demonstrate benefits for our York base.

Our role in the region's recovery

Our sustainable and ecologically diverse campus will drive engagement with internal and external communities developing spaces for enterprising business and widening opportunities for our students and graduates.