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Levelling Up Impact Report

Find out how we are creating more educational opportunities for our community.

A group of graduating students throw their mortar board hats in the air.

In 2021, York St John University launched the Levelling Up Impact Report, which measures our progress towards Levelling Up Goals. Part of the Social Mobility Pledge, the Levelling Up Goals focus on creating opportunities for equal access to education.

York St John University is part of The Purpose Coalition, a group of UK businesses and organisations working towards boosting social mobility across the country. 

The Levelling Up Goals are the UK's first framework to focus on improving equality at key stages of life, beginning at early years development.

The Levelling Up Impact Report, launched by Rt Hon Justine Greening, highlighted our key strengths in leading the Levelling Up plan. Areas where we are making an impact include:

  • Goal 3: Positive destinations post-16 - We run and are involved with a variety of programmes to raise aspirations and make entry to higher education more accessible.
  • Goal 4: Right advice and experiences - All degree courses at York St John include opportunities for work placements, providing valuable experience and skills.
  • Goal 5: Open recruitment - We offer a contextual admissions system which takes multiple social and environmental factors into account when students apply to study with us.

You can read the full Levelling Up Impact Report on the Levelling Up website, or hear from the report launch event in the video below.

York St John University Levelling Up Impact Report

Impact Report launch