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Global Campus Programme

Global Campus canteen takeovers

Celebrate global cultural events with food from around the world in our new monthly canteen takeovers. Let us know if there is a festivity you would like to see celebrated!

Students sat at tables in main dining hall

Friday 29 March - Easter Canteen Takeover

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, 3 days after he was executed. Easter Sunday is celebrated with a special lunch, often with lamb as the main dish alongside fresh spring vegetables. Of course, in a relatively modern tradition, you also offer chocolate Easter eggs as gifts to celebrate the day (the first one was created in the early 1870’s by Cadbury). An egg is a symbol of new life and of course you will find us giving out some at the canteen today!

Friday 12 April - Sri Lankan New Year Canteen Takeover

Sinhalese New Year, generally known as Aluth Avurudda in Sri Lanka, is a Sri Lankan holiday that celebrates the traditional New Year of the Sinhalese people and Tamil population of Sri Lanka. It is a major anniversary celebrated by not only the Sinhalese and Tamil people but by most Sri Lankans. Join us in the canteen to try some Sri Lankan inspired food as we join in the festivities.

Tuesday 13 May - International Burger Day Canteen Takeover

International Burger Day is celebrated on May 28 annually. Burgers are one of the most popular foods globally and with many reasons! They are fast to make, cheap to make and most importantly really tasty. Even a bad one is normally good in some way!

Formerly considered inferior to prime slices, ground beef was considered a cheap by product but is now popularly used for hamburgers. Burgers have grown to international fame with different toppings, condiments, and variations. The canteen will serve up some delicious burger treats today!

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