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Using an ORCID iD

An ORCID iD is a unique identifier for researchers which can be added to research outputs.

An ORCID iD ensures your work is accurately identified as yours and is distinguished from that of other researchers.

Your ORCID account is managed by you, and you can self-register for free.

Creating an ORCID iD

You can self-register on the ORCID website or use the 'Connect to ORCID' option when logged into RaY.

You should add your York St John email address to your ORCID account.

Your ORCID iD is a 16 digit number. You should not shorten the number by removing zeroes as the full number is always required. The number is part of a resolvable internet address with the structure:

Your ORCID iD is visible to everyone and is displayed on your ORCID account below your name. You can choose privacy settings for all other information on your ORCID account.

Benefits of an ORCID iD


  • Makes it easier to keep track of and report on your research.
  • Makes it easier for others to find your research.
  • Ensures that you get credit for all your work.
  • Stays the same throughout your career. If you move to another institution or change your name, you can still use the same ORCID account.
  • May be required by research funders and publishers.

Connecting ORCID to RaY

You can now connect your ORCID account to RaY. By connecting your ORCID and RaY accounts, you can share and update both accounts together. You can import your records from ORCID to RaY, and anything you add to RaY can also be added to your ORCID account.

To connect your ORCID to RaY, you must first be logged into your RaY account. From here, select 'Connect to ORCID' on the menu bar, and give permission for the connection.

Once you have granted permission for the connection, go to 'Manage Deposits' on the menu bar and use:

  • 'Import to': if you want to import your records to RaY.
  • 'Export to': if you want to add your RaY records to ORCID.

For help with connecting your ORCID account email

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