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Staff Profile

Manjinder Kaur Jagdev

Senior Lecturer

I have been a university teacher since 2006, working at the University of East Anglia and University of Sheffield as PGCE secondary lead mathematics tutor. I have contributed to PGCE secondary courses at St Mary’s, University of Cambridge and University of Manchester.

Prior to my career in higher education, I was a secondary school mathematics teacher for 10 years in multicultural and inner-city schools in Norwich and Bristol, including as Head of mathematics.


I am passionate about mathematics education and enjoy sharing ideas with student teachers, on how to install a love of the subject through cross-curricular and extra-curricular mathematics activities. These have included creative ideas such as the maths art task, poetry and mathematics and the maths photo task. Student teachers have been inspired to create lesson plans on puzzles such as Sudoku, Tower of Hanoi, the game AYO and Chinese Tangrams.

Courses I teach:

  • BA (QTS) Primary
  • PGCE Primary
  • PGCE Secondary


My research interests include anti-racism education. Every year, I teach a session on the historical and cross-cultural roots of mathematics. Student teachers work in groups to create a lesson plan and resources on these themes, to use in the classroom. They provide reflections on celebrating diversity, discussing the issues of racism, unconscious bias and decolonising the curriculum. This year, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, student teachers discussed ways in which they could do activities with their pupils, to addressing injustices.

Professional activities

I am a member of the Association of Mathematics Educators and Teachers (AMET) and British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM)

More about me

I am co-author of the book chapter ‘Learning to teach mathematics in a multicultural society’ in the book 'Mentoring Mathematics Teachers' written with an experienced secondary school mathematics teacher and mentor to student teachers.

In July 2020, I presented at an online conference on 'Health and Well-being' for school-based Mentors and Professional tutors.