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Centre for Religion in Society

Our previous projects

Discover projects and work from the Centre for Religion in Society.

Religion, Peace and Reconciliation

This project started in 2006 with colleagues in the Theology and Religious Studies Section in order to study methodologies for sustainable and constructive contributions to peace and reconciliation. The International Conference on Peace and Reconciliation (ICPR) series has brought together scholars, religious leaders, policy-makers and practitioners at York St John University (2006), University of California in Los Angeles (2009), Youngnak Presbyterian Church (2010) and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2012) and York St John University (2015)  Papers from past conferences have been published as edited books: Peace and Reconciliation: In Search of Shared Identities (Ashgate, 2008);  and a three volume collection, Building Communities of Reconciliation: Reflections on the Life and Teaching of Reverend Kyung-Chik Han; Building Communities of Reconciliation: Christian Responses to Situations of ConflictBuilding Communities of Reconciliation: Christian Theologies of Peace and Reconciliation (Nanumsa, 2012); Mediating Peace: Reconciliation through Visual Art, Music and Film, (Cambridge Scholars Press 2015); Who is My Neighbour? Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust, (Jessica Kingsley Publishing, forthcoming 2017).

Theology and Public Life

This research project focuses on the development of public theology. Public theology concerns Christians engaging in dialogue with those outside church circles on various issues of common interest and involves urging Christians to take the opportunity to participate in the public domain in modern secular democracies and to converse with other citizens on issues other than narrowly religious matters. The International Journal of Public Theology (IJPT) is a peer-reviewed journal started in 2006 from York St John University and is published quarterly by Brill. The journal, which is affiliated with the Global Network for Public Theology, is a platform for original interdisciplinary research in the field of public theology.

Ebor Lectures 

This is an ecumenical projects that seek to exchange insights between academic and religious traditions and to build bridges between churches and other religious groups. The lectures relate faith to public concerns and have been an instrument to promote serious academic thinking and reflection on contemporary issues which critically engage the day to day contexts of people in the society. Some of the early lectures have been published as Liberating Sacred Texts? Revelation, Identity and Public Life (SPCK, 2008) and Christianity and the Renewal of Nature: Creation, Climate Change and Sustainable Living (SPCK, 2011). More recent lectures are available on Soundcloud.

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