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Centre for Religion in Society

Research publications

A selection of recent publications from staff, visiting professors and scholars.

Edited books

Kollontai, Pauline C. H. , Sue Yore and Sebastian C. H. Kim (eds),  (2017). Who is My Neighbour? Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishing.

Sebastian Kim and Katie Day (eds) (2017). A Companion to Public Theology, Leiden: Brill.

Sebastian C.H. Kim, Pauline C. H. Kollontai and Sue Yore (eds), 2015. Mediating Peace: Reconciliation through Visual Art, Music and Film, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Sebastian C. H. Kim and Andrew Chung Yoube Ha (eds), 2012. Building Communities of Reconciliation: Reflections on the Life and Teaching of Rev. Kyung-Chik Han, Vol. I,  Seoul: Nanumsa.

Richard Noake and Pauline C. H. Kollontai (eds), 2012. Building Communities of Reconciliation: Christian Responses to Situations of Conflict, Vol. II, Seoul: Nanumsa.

Pauline C. H. Kollontai and Victoria Nesfield (eds), 2012. Building Communities of Reconciliation: Christian Theologies of Peace and Reconciliation, Vol. III, Seoul: Nanumsa.

Sebastian C.H. Kim and Jonathan Draper (eds), 2011. Christianity and the Renewal of Nature: Creation, Climate Change and Sustainable Living, London: SPCK

Sebastian C. H. Kim and Jonathan Draper (eds), 2008. Liberating Texts? Sacred Scriptures in Public Life, London: SPCK

Sebastian C. H. Kim, Pauline C. H. Kollontai and Greg Hoyland, (eds), 2008. Peace and Reconciliation: in Search of a Shared Identity, Oxon: Ashgate

Sebastian C. H. Kim and Pauline C. H. Kollontai (eds), 2007. Community Identity: Dynamics of Religion in Context, London: T&T Clark

Katie Day, Esther McIntosh and William Storrar (eds) (2012). Yours the Power: Faith-Based Organizing in the USA, Leiden: Brill.

Single and Joint Authored Books

Sebastian C.H. Kim (2014). A History of Korean Christianity, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Sebastian C. H. Kim, (2011). Theology in the Public Sphere: Public Theology as a Catalyst for Open Debate, London: SCM.

Sebastian C. H. Kim (2005). In Search of Identity: Debates on Religious Conversion in India, New Delhi & Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Richard Bourne & Imogen Adkins, (2017, In Press). A New Introduction to Theology: Embodiment, Experience and Encounter, London: Bloomsbury.

Richard Bourne (2009). Seek the Peace of the City: Christian Political Criticism as Public, Realist and Transformative Eugene: OR: Cascade.

Esther McIntosh (2011). John Macmurray’s Religious Philosophy: What it Means to be a Person, Farnham and Burlington,VT: Ashgate.

Sue Yore (2009). The Mystic Way in Postmodernity, Oxford: Peter Lang.

Malcolm Grundy (2015). Multi-Congregation Ministry: Theology and Practice in a Changing Church, Norwich: Canterbury Press.

Malcolm Grundy (2011). Leadership and Oversight: New Models for Episcopal Ministry, London: Bloomsbury.

Malcolm Grundy (2007). What's New in Church Leadership? Norwich: Canterbury Press.

Recent Journal Articles and Chapters

Kollontai, P.C.H. (2017) 'Biblical Jewish Values on Care of the Stranger and the Neighbour in Israel: The Case of the Bedouin of the Negev', in Kollontai, P.C.H., Yore, S. and Kim, S.C.H. (eds)  Who is My Neighbour? Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust, London, Jessican Kingsley, (In Press). 

Kollontai, P.C.H (2017)  ‘Who is My Neighbour? The Laïcité-Islam Encounter in France’, in Kim D. (ed) Religious Encounter in Society, Leiden, Brill. (In Press).

Kollontai, P.C.H (2015) ‘Inter-Religious Work for Peace through Globalized Transnational Civil Society,’ in Haynes, J., Herrington, J and McKay A. (eds) Nations Under God: Religion and Geopolitics, London, E-IR Publications, pp. 176-86.

Kollontai, P.C.H. (2015) ‘Art in a Theological and Philosophical Discussion on Theodicy and Moral Evil,’ in Kim, S.C.H., Kollontai, P.C.H. and Yore, S. (eds) Mediating Peace: Reconciliation Through Art, Music and Film, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 57-73.

Kollontai, P.C.H. (2015) ‘Story Telling in Religious Education: Promoting Respect and Empathy in Diverse Communities’, in Gross, Z. & Davies L. (eds), The Contested Role Of Education in Conflict and Fragility, Rotterdam, SENSE Publications, pp. 217-234.

Kollontai, P.C.H. (2015) 'Emotional Intelligence in Higher Education: Using Art in a Philosophical Discussion on God, Evil and Suffering', Journal of Research in Higher Education, 93:1, pp. 66-76.

Kollontai, P.C.H. (2014) 'Coming to the Edge and Reaching Over: Women and Muslim-Christian Dialogue’, in Khadar, J. & Twal, I. Religion and Society: From Theocracy to Secularism and in Between, Bethlehem, University of Bethlehem Publications, pp. 67-78.

Kollontai, P., ( 2014) ‘Finding a Way Forward Together: Religion and Cosmopolitanism in Bosnia-Herzegovina’  in Rovisco, M & Kim S., Religion, Cosmopolitanism and Public Life, Oxford, Routledge, pp. 48-67.

Kollontai, P. (2013) ‘Adopting a Peace Education approach in Religious Schools: Perspectives from Bosnia-Herzegovina’, in Buchanan, M.T. (ed) (2013) Leadership and Religious Schools: Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges, Sydney,  Bloomsbury, pp. 69-88. 

Kollontai, P.C.H. (2012) ‘Faith and Feminism: Bosnian Women Challenging Religious Boundaries’ in Kollontai, P. & Noake, R. (eds) Religion Creating Cultures of Peace: Reflections on the Life and Teaching of Reverend Kyung-Chik Han, Vol II, Seoul, South Korea, Nanumsa Publications, pp. 102-119.

Kollontai, P. C. H. (2012) ‘The Sacred Icon: Confronting the Anthropocentrism of a Secularized World’, in Gibson, S. and Mollan, S. (eds) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Representation of Peace and War, Palgrave, pp. 226-244.

Kollontai, P. C. H. (2010) ‘Healing the Heart in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Arts, Children and Peace-making’, International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, 15:3, pp 261-271.

Yore, S. (2017) 'Utopian Visions of Harmonious Existence in Ursula LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness' in Kollontai, P.C.H., Yore, S., and Kim, S.C.H, (eds) Who is My Neighbour? Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust, London: Jessica Kingsley.

Yore, S. (2015) 'Seeing Paradise in the Dust of the Streets': A Reflection on Student's Art Projects in Kim S.C.H., Kollontai, P.C.H. and Yore, S. (eds) Mediating Peace: Reconciliation Through Art, Music and Film, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 74-98.

Yore, S. and Noake R.  (2010) ‘Developing Creativity in the Theology and Religious Studies Curriculum’, Discourse, 9:2, pp. 113-148. 

Yore, S. (2009) ‘In the Footsteps of Julian of Norwich’,  The Way, 48:1, pp. 37-56.

Yore, S. (2007) ‘Theological Identity in Post-modernity through a Literary Lens’ in Kim, S. & Kollontai, P. (eds) Community Identity: Dynamics of Religion in Context, London: T&T Clark.

Bourne, R. (2016) 'Vertigo in the City: Urban Crime, Consumerism and the Theopolitical Act', International Journal of Public Theology, 10:2, pp. 167-192.

Bourne, R. (2014) 'Communication, Punishment, and Virtue: The Theological Limitation of (Post)Secular Penance', Journal of Religious Ethics 42:1 March 2014 pp.78-107.

Bourne, R. (2009) 'Governmentality, Witness and the State: Christian Social Criticism with and beyond Yoder and Foucault, in Jeremy Bergen & Anthony Siegrist (eds) Power and Practices,  Scottdale: Herald Press.

Bourne, R. (2007) 'Witness, Democracy and Civil Society: Reflections on John Howard Yoder’s Exilic Ecclesiology,' Ecclesiology 3:2, pp. 195–213.

McIntosh, E. (2017) 'Learning to be Human in a Post-libera Era: Revisting a Macmurrian Account of Arts and Ethical Relationality,' in  Wood, Benjamin J., (ed.) Renewing the self : contemporary religious perspectives. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, pp. 96-116.

McIntosh, Esther (2017) 'I Met God, She's Black: Racial, Gender and Sexual Equalities in Public,' in Kim, Sebastian and Day, Katie, (eds.) A Companion to Public Theology. Brill, pp. 298-324

McIntosh, E. (2016) 'Macmurray on Relationality: A Tool for Systems Theory?’, co-authored with D. Macdonald and C. Sink, Philosophy and Theology, 28:1.

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McIntosh, E. (2015) 'Belonging without Believing: Church as Community in an Age of Digital Media', International Journal of Public Theology, 9:2, pp.131-155.

McIntosh, E. (2015) 'Why We Need the Arts: John Macmurray on Education and the Emotions', Educational Philosophy and Theory, 47:1, pp.47-60.

McIntosh, E. (2015) 'John Macmurray as a Scottish Philosopher: The Role of the University and the Means to Live Well’, in The Oxford History of Scottish Philosophy, vol. 2, ed. G. Graham, Oxford: OUP, pp. 270-302.

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Kim, S. C. H. (2017) 'United Korea or Christian South?  The Role of Christianity in the Division of the Peninsula, 1945-48,' in Kollontai, P.C.H., Yore, S., and Kim, S.C.H, \(eds)| Who is My Neighbour? Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust, LondonJessica Kingsley.

Kim, S. C. H (2017) 'Towards a Hermeneutic for Public Theology: Conversation with Habermas and Schillebeeckx’, in Stephen van Erp & Martin Poulsom Lieven Boeve (eds) (2017) Grace, Governance and Globalization, London: T&T Clark, pp 28-44.

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Kim, S.C.H. (2013) 'The Ministry of Reconciliation in an Interfaith Perspective' in Knud Jorgensen (ed), Mission as Ministry of Reconciliation, Oxford: Regnum, pp.160-172.

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Kim, S.C.H. (2012) 'Authentic Leadership in the Contexts of Global Christianity: Pandita Ramabai Saraswati (India), Archbishop Oscar Romero (El Salvador) and Revd Han Kyung-Chik (South Korea)' in Kim, S. and Ha, C.Y. (eds), Building Communities of Reconciliation: Reflections on the Life and Teaching of Reverend Kyung-Chik Han, Seoul: Nanumsa, 87-102.

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