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Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health (PAtCH)

The Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health (PAtCH) research group is based in the School of Science, Technology and Health and is led by Dr Sophie Carter.

The research group has a broad interest in examining how physical activity and exercise training can promote and maintain cardiovascular health.

The group are also interested in understanding how being inactive and engaging in sedentary behaviours influences cardiovascular health.

Previous research by members of the group has examined the effects of reducing sedentary time on brain blood flow, the influence of exercise training and ageing on the structure and function of the heart, and the influence of exercise on vascular and cognitive function in older adults. Their research has involved working with a range of populations and organisations, including the NHS and the Home Office, and with national and international collaborators.

The group has published in leading international journals such as Journal of Applied Physiology, European Journal of Applied Physiology, Sports Medicine and Exercise and Sports Sciences Reviews. Their work has also been disseminated at national and international conferences such as American College of Sports Medicine and European College of Sport Science and has received international media coverage (for example, The New York Times).

Get in touch

We invite enquiries regarding group activities and research opportunities to contact the Group Director, Dr Sophie Carter:

Research activity

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  • Workplace health and menopause
  • Physical activity amongst autistic adults
  • Cardiovascular function of female soccer players and controls
  • Physical health in golfers and golf caddies
  • Vascular function in endurance athletes

Group members

A staff profile image of Sophie Carter

Dr Sophie Carter

Group Director, Senior Lecturer

A staff profile image of Alex Beaumont

Dr Alex Beaumont


A staff profile image of Amy Campbell

Dr Amy Campbell


Zoe Dawson

Postgraduate researcher

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in osteoarthritis

Lucy Lendhill

Postgraduate researcher

Heading and cerebral blood flow alterations in soccer players

Jillian Webster

Clinical Research Fellow

Physical activity in patients with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Clare Jemmett

Clinical Research Fellow

Pre- and inter-conception physical activity and diet and maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes