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Search for journal articles

Journal articles which are available in full at York St John are all accessible via the Library Catalogue which gathers all our full text articles into one place for easy access. This guide shows how to search for journal articles via the Catalogue.

Searching for journal articles

Getting started

Start from the Library and Learning Services Homepage, go to the Library Catalogue and select the button to 'Search electronic content including journal articles'. Enter your initial search query to get the first results. From here, you can make your search more specific by selecting the advanced search option just below the search bar.

Advanced search

Using the advanced search function makes it easier to narrow down your search to get more relevant results. You can also create an account on Ebsco to save useful results and keep the details for referencing the items that you find.

A screenshot of the advanced search box, with a 'Sign in (save results)' option and different search boxes to string search terms together.

Let's consider a search topic: The impact of ICT on the performance of small business

Key concepts of the search would be: ICT, Performance, Small business

Think of alternative keywords for each concept of the search:

Alternative keywords for your search
ICTperformance"small business"
"information technology" productivity SMEs
comput* profit* "small firms"

The table shows how you can use techniques to improve your search such as adding an asterisk (*) after the main part of the word to find different word endings, so profit* finds profit/s, profitable, profitability. The quotation marks around two or more words searches for the words as a phrase such as "information technology". Phrase searching is very important in Discover to avoid returning a huge number of results.

The next step is combining your search together using link words as shown in the table below:

Link wordsExampleEffect
Use AND to link different key concepts of your topic gender AND leadership Finds records containing both terms (narrows search)
Use OR to link terms with similar meanings (synonyms) job OR occupation Finds records containing either or any of the terms (widens search)

So, in Discover your search for the topic: The impact of ICT on the performance of small business becomes:

1st search box contains: 'small business' OR SMEs OR 'small firms' ; 2nd search box contains: performance Or productivity OR profit*; 3rd search box contains 'information technology' OR comput* OR ICT

Each line of the search contains all the alternatives for each search concept. The Plus sign adds a fourth line if you need to add another term. You can choose to search in the abstract index only, to narrow down your search results.

Limiting your search results:

Results of the search in Discover. There are result limiting options on the far left of the screen under headings 'Limit to' and 'Source Types'..

Let's look at one article in more detail:

An article record in Discover. The article record contains key information you need such as article title, authors, source, publication information and subjects. 'Full text finder' or 'PDF' links will take you to the full-text. Options listed following the 'Tools' heading include printing, emailing, citing and exporting.



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