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Print services


Copying on campus devices

Making a photocopy

If you wish to photocopy you can use any of the Konica Minolta devices on campus. 

1: After logging on select the Copy icon

2: A screen will be displayed, and this is where where you can change various settings and select how many copies you would like:

  • A4 and A3 documents can be placed in the document feeder (books and non-standard sized documents should be placed directly on the glass)
  • To convert a single-sided document to double-sided select 1 Sided > 2 Side
  • To copy a document that is already double-sided select 2 Sided > 2 Side
  • When putting documents into the document feeder, please ensure that any paper clips and staples are removed first
  • If you require your documents to be stapled, please go to the 'Finishing' option

3: When you have placed your documents in the feeder and have selected the settings you require, press the start button on the touch screen.



Please be aware that you are restricted by copyright law when photocopying any single work.

A reasonable amount from one single work is one chapter or 10% of a work.

For more information or if you are unsure about the amount you are scanning, please visit our copyright pages.

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