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Wellbeing and Welfare

Health Assured service

Our Student Assistance Programme offers you support through a free 24 hour confidential helpline and digital resource.

How to access the service

In addition to the services available from our Wellbeing team, the Health Assured confidential helpline is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you need mental health support or advice on personal or student-related problems, call the free 24/7 helpline: 0800 028 3766.

You can also access free support and resources online by using the unique code for York St John: MHA171775

Visit Health Assured Wisdom online

Download the Wisdom app on Google Play

Download the Wisdom app on the Apple Store

When to access the service

It’s completely up to you how you make use of all the support and resources available from Health Assured and how you combine these with the services provided by our Wellbeing team.

Health Assured is free to our students and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Language line

If you want to access the free support from Health Assured but English isn’t your first language, support is available in over 200 languages. Simply call the helpline and let the counsellor know that English isn’t your first language and Health Assured will find an interpreter to help. You can access counselling, legal and financial support by calling: 0800 028 3766.

What services are available?

  • Comprehensive telephone helplines available 24/7
  • Medical information from trained nurses
  • Legal information and guidance
  • Professional financial advice
  • Wisdom app
  • Critical incident support

Health Assured can provide extra support for a variety of personal matters, including:

  • Dealing with exam stress
  • Money worries
  • Student loans and tax information
  • Housing or tenancy concerns
  • Alcohol or drug issues
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Relationship problems
  • Medical support
  • Help with family issues

Call the free 24/7 helpline: 0800 028 3766.

Confidentiality of calls

All calls are confidential between the caller and their counsellor or adviser. Exceptions can occur only if there is serious risk of harm to the caller or others. In these circumstances the counsellor or adviser will seek caller consent to share relevant information about their concerns with key staff at the university so that further help can be provided. 

In some circumstances where you are not able to provide consent or where you refuse consent, Health Assured may decide to share relevant information where it is necessary to protect you or another person's vital interests.

Analytical usage data may be shared with York St John at top level (excluding identifying factors).

Call the free 24/7 helpline: 0800 028 3766.