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COVID-19 and Church-21

Survey to research the impact of lockdown on churchgoers.

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What now and what next?

Results of our 2021 survey

The Covid-19 and Church-21 survey ran from January to July 2021 and was intended as a follow up of our first Coronavirus, Church and You survey.

It repeated some of the questions to see how wellbeing and attitudes had changed since the first lockdown. It also included new questions looking in more detail at what churches had offered by way of services and ministry during lockdown, the experience of producing services, and the experience of worshipping both online and in church.

Although aimed mainly at the Church of England, the survey was also used by Roman Catholics in the UK and Ireland, by other denominations in the UK, by Anglicans in North America, and by Baptists in Canada.

In all we had over 10,000 responses, and we are now in the process of producing initial reports of the data.

So far, we have reports on:

We are currently working on reports from the Episcopal Church in the USA and Baptists in Canada. When these initial reports are completed, we will be producing press and academic articles that will examine the trends in more detail.

Use the link below to see the results from our previous survey.

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