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Studying a Joint Honours course can lead to career paths including writing, marketing and PR, teaching, and public sector work.


American Studies seminar

American Studies and Film Studies BA (Hons)

Investigate American society through its history, literature, politics, popular culture, and especially it’s film. Study many different film genres through the lens of American...

Students looking at primary sources in seminar

American Studies and War Studies BA (Hons)

Both American Studies and War Studies are diverse, interdisciplinary subjects. They allow you to investigate broad topics through many different perspectives and...

Student writing on paper, with creative writing activities for inspiration

Creative Writing and English Literature BA (Hons)

Explore writing from around the world, from different eras and from both classic texts and underrepresented voices. Let your extensive reading and literary analysis inspire your...

Student writing on a white board

Creative Writing and Media BA (Hons)

Explore how different types of media interact with each other and influence the society and culture around them. This understanding will help to inform your writing, as you...

Cinema screening

English Literature and Film Studies BA (Hons)

Study film and literature together to take an in-depth, varied look at how the stories we tell shape who we are and how we think. Gain new perspectives on these art...

Collection of literary texts

English Literature and History BA (Hons)

Literature and History often inform and interact with each other, offering different perspectives on the events of the past and the people behind them. Studied together these...

Religious symbols on a background of graffiti

English Literature and Religion BA (Hons)

Both of these subjects develop vital skills in empathy, evaluating arguments and independent thinking. Through the study of both English Literature and Religion you will...

A student writes notes during a lecture.

Film Studies and Media BA (Hons)

Combining Film Studies and Media lets you study the artistry and contexts of film in great detail, while also learning about how media and culture affect who we are...

History students looking at map book

History and American Studies BA (Hons)

American Studies is a varied academic subject which takes in literature, popular culture, politics, film and much more. Through this joint honours degree you will gain a...

Students gathered around model building on history field trip

History and Religion BA (Hons)

Together Religion and History help us understand the modern world by exploring the beliefs people hold, and how our past led us to our current situations...

Student writing in notebook at table

Media and English Literature BA (Hons)

This joint honours degree lets you explore many different forms of media text. You will read different styles, genres and voices in literature. At the same time you will engage...

Student reading book about war

War Studies and History BA (Hons)

This joint honours degree combines War Studies with History to give you a deep insight into the nature of war. Explore how wars have been fought through the ages, and...

Church windows

Politics and History BA (Hons)

Studying History and Politics will give you a deep understanding of the institutions, processes and events that shape our lives. Contemporary states, politics and ideas cannot be fully understood without analysing their historical background.

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