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Disability support

Apply for Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)

DSAs are a useful source of funding for students with additional needs.

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You can apply for DSA at the same time as your student loan. You will need supporting medical evidence.

DSA funding is based on need. It is in addition to your student finance and you do not have to pay it back. Your DSA may include funding for equipment or software. It may also fund a specialist mentor or study skills tutor.

Find out more on the DSA page

The DSA Process

Get medical evidence

You will need to provide medical evidence that explains how your condition or disability affects you. This could be: 

Complete and submit a DSA form

This is available through your student finance provider. When you have completed the form you can send it back to your funding body along with your medical evidence. 

If you need help completing the DSA form book a meeting with a Disability Adviser. 

Arrange a needs assessment

Your funding body will contact you to ask you to book a needs assessment. You can arrange an assessment at the Higher York Access Centre on campus or book an assessment nearer to home. 

During the assessment you will discuss your needs with an assessor. They will ask about your disability or condition, previous support, your university course and what support would help you. They may show you software or assistive technology. The assessment will take up to 2 hours. 

Your assessor will write up a report which will include recommendations for support and equipment. You will be able to check the report before it is sent to your funding body.

Get support in place

Your funding body will contact you with details about the support they will fund, based on your assessment. You can then get your support in place. 


If you are entitled to any equipment, you will need to contact the supplier to arrange delivery. The details of the supplier will be in the letter from your funding body. You will also need to organise your equipment training.

Please note, there is a £200 student contribution towards equipment costs.

Tutoring and mentoring

If you have been recommended a specialist tutor or a mentor, send your timetable and availability together with the DSA2 funding confirmation letter, to the support provider. They will be in contact with you to arrange your support.

You can get in touch by emailing

Non medical help (NMH) support and rates

Exam arrangements

If needed, exam arrangements will be put in place by the Disability Advice team.

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