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Religion and Spirituality


Faith Adviser: Salahuddin Dewan


Islamic activities in the City of York

The York Central Masjid website is a good place for Islamic activities in York. You will find useful information such as the prayer timetable which gets updated each month, information on the Friday prayer, and announcements such as commencement of Ramadan and the times for Eid prayer etc. 

Regarding halal grocery shopping, there is 'Makkah International' (formerly known as Fresh ways), which is a 5 minute walk from the York Masjid. This has a fantastic range of foods from around the Muslim world and serves halal meat and also has Qurabni services.

More locally, there is a small grocers that serves foods from the Muslim world called 'Amas oven' which is a 5 minute walk from York St John University. There is also a halal takeaway called 'Sizzlers' on the same street. 

There is also a WhatsApp group which is a good place for contacting the community for any help especially on those occasions when you need help urgently. To be added please contact the Muslim Faith Adviser, Salahuddin Dewan. There are separate groups for both brothers and sisters.

Last but not least, the above should help with your immediate needs but the best way to be part of the Islamic community and to learn what is available in York, is to come to the Masjid and meet the Muslims there. The Masjid is the central point of any Muslim community so I would encourage you to come along and meet the brothers and sisters there. 

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