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Religion and Spirituality


Faith Advisers: Salahuddin Dewan and Dr Rasha Ibrahim

Email: or

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On campus 

If you're looking for somewhere to pray on campus, you'll find the Muslim Prayer Room in QN008. It's open 9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays; outside these times, Security will be happy to open it for you.

Islamic activities in the City of York

The best way to be part of the Islamic community and to learn what is available in York, is to come to the Mosque and meet the Muslims there. The Masjid is the central point of any Muslim community so we encourage you to come along and meet the brothers and sisters there.

The York Mosque and Islamic Centre is a good place to learn about Islamic activities in York. You will find regular activity programmes as well as upcoming events. There is also useful information such as the prayers and announcements such as commencement of Ramadan and the times for Eid prayer.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Muslim Faith Advisers Salah and Dr Rasha Ibrahim, if you need a personal point of contact.

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