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Angela Johnson

Apprentice Plumber

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I’ve been working at York St John as an apprentice plumber since 2017, carrying out a variety of maintenance tasks on site whilst training. Every day is different here, one minute fixing a radiator, the next working on a building site.

Straight after college I got a job working for an insurance company and after so many years I decided that I wanted a change. I’ve always been hands on at home, enjoyed working on my own house and helping other people with theirs so I decided to learn a trade.

I didn't know any other plumbers, but my dad is a joiner and he brought me up. I used to go with him on his jobs and think I can do that, I can do that job; so it's always been there.

It took me a couple of years to find the right job for me, I had to think about my daughter’s childcare and re-evaluate my finances to be able to afford to do an apprenticeship. 

I worried that employers wouldn't look at me because of my gender and the fact that I was in my mind 30s. So when YSJ offered me an apprenticeship, it was life changing, just being given the chance to do this.

I didn’t have anyone to seek advice from with regards to changing my career, but what I would say now is if I can, so can you. Do your research, trust that you can do it and never look back